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Your Guide To Growing Cannabis Outside

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How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Growing Marijuana OutdoorsGrowing marijuana outdoors can be more economical because you can avoid buying all sorts of equipment that indoor growers have to purchase. For the most part, everything that you will need in order to succeed is already provided by Mother Nature – you simply have to acquire the right knowledge and dedicate time, effort and patience.
That doesn’t mean that choosing to have an outdoor marijuana garden is less challenging than growing cannabis inside your home. If truth be told, you will still have to supply your outdoor cannabis plants the very same kind of love and care as you would give indoor plants. Growing marijuana is still growing marijuana, indoors or outdoors. If you want to succeed, you will still need to invest a lot of your time and energy.
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Whether this is your first time growing marijuana outdoors or you just decided that you want to take your indoor babies outside read on!

Choosing the Right Spot Means a Lot

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One of the advantages about growing marijuana outdoors is you don’t have to pay for special lamps and electricity.  Even though this might be a benefit you will still want to make sure that you pick the right spot in your yard.  Too much or too little sun could possibly be detrimental.  According to a number of experts, marijuana requires 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight every single day, preferably right in the middle of the day when the quality of sunlight is at its best. You need to carefully survey the area before you jump into outdoor marijuana gardening. Which part of your garden is getting touched by the sun for a maximum of 6 hours daily?
But if you live where there’s plenty of sun throughout the day, such as in areas of the planet along or near the equator, then you will need to plant marijuana where sunlight can be filtered, especially during the hottest time of the day, but still provides your plants with good amounts of light in the morning or afternoon.
Other than sunlight, there is another important thing to consider when choosing a location, and that is the security of your Cannabis, which is something you might not worry about as much with indoor gardening.
You wouldn’t want your marijuana to be in plain sight. Otherwise, you will only win the ire of your judgmental neighbors and the attention of thieves. Unless you live in a secluded place, it’s a good idea for you to opt for a spot that is easily concealed by tall shrubs, trees and/or fences – marijuana can grow up to 15 feet tall or even more!

Having the Right Soil Won’t Spoil Your Dreams

Just like when growing marijuana indoors, it’s of utmost importance for you to use the right soil. Put simply, the best soil for cannabis growing is the kind that holds moisture, drains very well, and warms easily. It’s also a good idea for you to choose the kind of soil that permits oxygen and packs a lot of nutrients.
A number of people agree that silt is the best type of soil for any outdoor marijuana growing needs. It is very good at holding enough moisture but allows for sufficient drainage, keeping marijuana grown outdoors out of harm’s way.
It’s very important for the roots of marijuana to get plenty of oxygen. While sandy soil permits lots of oxygen to get to the roots, it is not a good performer in other departments such as retaining moisture and providing minerals. Some outdoor marijuana growers prefer the use of plant containers that are out of durable fabric as it enables the roots of Cannabis plants to get all the oxygen they need. Also, these plant containers allow you to move your plants around.
If it seems like your garden does not have the right kind of soil, you can always improve your soil by mixing in other soil types. Consider coming up with a mixture that contains more silt than sand or clay, but don’t eliminate these two completely, as they are still important components – they both play a role in developing a good outdoor marijuana garden.
The best time to prepare soil for your endeavor is about a month prior to growing cannabis outside. Dig holes around your chosen area and place compost, worm castings and/other decomposed organic materials.

Everything’s Better with Water and Fertilizer

watering plantsAnother noteworthy perk of growing outdoors is that you don’t have to water during rainy months because Mother Nature’s got your back. Well, most of the time if the climate in your area provides enough rain. But generally speaking, you will still need to provide your plants with sufficient amounts of water, especially during the hottest months of the year.
Large adult cannabis plants require as much as 40 liters of water every single day if the weather is particularly warm. It’s a good idea for you to place clay soil or rocks under your plants in order to slow down drainage of water.
On the other extreme, you have to take the necessary steps to accelerate soil drainage if you are getting lots and lots of rain to keep your plants from drowning. Such can be pulled off by digging ditches that can drive water away from your garden, or planting your Cannabis in mounds or raised plots.
If creating and optimizing your own soil for the ideal nutrient levels isn’t something you want to tinker with, there are other options such as additives or premixed soils.  The cost can easily add up. One of the reasons why many choose to grow cannabis outdoors is to save money, and opting for those pricey nutrient solutions can defeat such purpose.
If you want to save time growing healthy cannabis, consider opting for the following organic methods of fertilizing your plants. Many home and garden stores carry bat guano, fish meal, bone meal, blood meal and others that are very good at fertilizing a variety of plants, including marijuana. Make sure that you conduct further research on some of the best fertilizing methods for outdoor growing before proceeding.


Outdoor growing options can be rewarding and economical way to grow marijuana, but there are some challenges. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you might also have to take into account potential problems such as animals, pests, weed and extreme weather conditions.

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