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Logo vs. Brand

Logo vs. Brand - Branding Tips Many people looking to build their businesses believe that if they have an awesome logo, they’ve successfully built their brand, so they enlist the help of a graphic designer. Unfortunately, the client has made the all-too-common mistake of confusing the brand with a mere symbol or sign that hangs on the company’s door. In reality, the logo is only a minor part of the branding process. Here are some things for designers as well as business owners to remember when distinguishing a logo from a brand.

A brand is not a mark. It leaves a mark.
A brand is not a mark or symbol that you print at the top of your company stationary or carve into stone at the company’s gates. A brand is intangible. If used correctly, it leaves an everlasting mark on your customers.
Designers make logos. Customers make brands.
Once again, a brand is intangible. It cannot be created in Photoshop. A brand is made of what its customers think and feel about it. Marketing, branding, all of that helps, but ultimately it is up to the customers to decide whether they’re excited about it, loyal to it, and want to buy into it.
A logo is an illustration. A brand is a vision.
A major difference between a brand and a logo is what they cover. A logo provides a broad image that has the potential to define a brand visually. It provides customers with a tangible object to associate the brand with. A brand is a precise and strategic vision of what the company is, what it stands for, what it can do for its customers, and what it promises to do in the future.
Logos project. Brands protect.
A logo’s design is, once again, a visual representation of a company. Without strong branding behind the logo to protect the overall image of the firm, a logo is nothing but a picture. Maybe you want to become a graphic designer who creates the next iconic logo. Or maybe you want to be the entrepreneur behind the next big brand. Take the first step to achieving your dream by checking out our College of Multimedia Design at Fremont University. In the Multimedia Design program, you will learn how to use the latest design software programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Take the first step on your career path by earning a Multimedia Design degree!


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