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Professional Action Learning Embedded with Industry®

Professional Action Learning Embedded with Industry® (“PAL”): An Innovative Approach

Professional Action Learning Embedded with IndustryA world of learning, enhanced by teamwork and collaboration, grounded by ethics.

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    Our unique approach, researched and designed exclusively by Fremont College’s Chancellor and CEO, is Professional Action Learning Embedded with Industry® (“PAL”). This unique teaching methodology is aimed at helping you learn better and faster than you would at a traditional college.

    The diagram below illustrates what you can expect from a typical classroom session be in one of our on ground programs or online degree options.

    Experience Professional Action Learning Embedded with Industry® (“PAL”) for yourself and you’ll quickly see how our graduates are transformed into articulate, skilled professionals ready to lead in today’s competitive workplace.

    The Six PAL Steps

    pal professional action learning

    1. Content Delivery – Data, affairs, organized evidence, personal stories.
    2. Burning Questions – Active listening, learn to accurately frame questions, questioning becomes habitual
    3. Group Discussions – Collaboration sorted by topic areas, instructors as rotating facilitators for each group
      1. Five Roles:
        1. Moderator
        2. Presenter
        3. Scripter
        4. Evidence Analyst
        5. Devil’s Advocate
    4. Debrief Teach Back – presentation back to the class on the conclusion of the group discussions, peer evaluation
    5. Reflective Summary – Daily written journal/blog in your own words, synthesizing the topic and experience through final papers, projects, or exams
    6. Learning Achieve – Blogs, Fremont Wiki, Experiential learning through internships and externships, student experiences become institutional knowledge


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