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Creative Freelancer Job Description

What Do Creative Freelancers Do? Job Duties of a Creative Freelancer
Creative online freelancers can offer design services to clients and companies for a mutually-agreed upon fee. They are self-employed and are not in a long-term contractual commitment to any one employer. The most common creative freelance jobs include web design, graphic arts, video editing, writing, photography, or computer programming. Freelancers make their money selling their work to a clients rather then being employed by a business.

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Creative Freelancer Career Options

As the title implies, Creative Freelancers are self-employed. Sometimes Creative Freelancers work on-site for an agency or corporation, but this is usually temporary until the contract or agreement expires, or the work is complete. Many Creative Freelancers work from home assisting all types of companies and individuals with creative services. The Creative Freelancer salary varies based on experience.

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