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Life often takes unexpected turns that derail the best laid plans. For example, the cancellation of your college education. The frustration and disappointment is like a bitter shock to your system. And the uncertainty that follows can be paralyzing.

It is how you respond to these moments that will determine how successful you are in life. Accepting change is not easy. Embracing it even more difficult. Fortunately, finding the right path for you is a seamless process.

At Fremont College, we understand what you are going through and we are here to tell you that you will be just fine. In fact, you have the opportunity to actually improve your situation. With curriculum influenced by Dale Carnegie ideals and training, flexible schedules, and a list of noteworthy accreditation, Fremont College will see you through graduation and directly into your career.

Westwood College

Since its inception in 1986, Westwood graduated more than 37,000 students. The college closed in March 2016. After 63 years of educating students, Westwood College discontinued operations. Those who are looking for an alternative college to attend can visit our program page to learn more about the many different career paths available to you.

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