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Start a New Career in 7 Months 

Start training in a rewarding new career in business administration. At Fremont University, our accelerated program will allow you to earn a diploma in under a year, launching you into an exciting career path. 

Fremont University Benefits

A diploma in Business Administration from Fremont University will prepare you to pursue entry-level employment in almost any industry or organization.

Earn your diploma with us and experience: 

Accelerated diploma program

Complete Fremont University’s Business Administration program in just 7 months.

Flexible Scheduling

Complete your program with day or evening courses on campus.

Real-world Legal Training

Students conduct legal research, perform real-world problem solving, and participate as a member of an active legal team.

Small Class Sizes

Learn in a small class setting with more one-on-one instructor interaction.

Expert Mentoring

Receive expert help from our staff of highly-trained instructors, whose industry skills and work experience enhance the students’ learning experience.

Student Collaboration

Work with your fellow students to learn and grow together.

Peer Tutoring

Get help from your fellow students at no cost.

Career Services

Receive expert career advice and assistance to help you find a job in your field.

A Rewarding New Career Awaits

With a business administration diploma, you’ll open the door to jobs in: 






Non Profit