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Online Business Degrees

Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program at Fremont University of Business

The online Business Leadership Degree Completion Program provides extensive legal education, which gives students a competitive edge over graduates of other business schools. As part of the Degree Completion Program, students who have an associate’s degree can apply their college credits toward a bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership that can be obtained in just 15 months. An online Business Leadership degree from Fremont University will prepare you for a career as a human resources associate, project manager, marketing associate, compliance coordinator, executive assistance, and many other in-demand careers. Take your career to the next level in the online Business Leadership degree program where you will obtain the skills necessary to excel in the business world.

Not only can you earn a bachelor’s degree in just 15 months in the Business Degree Completion Program at Fremont University, you can also complete the coursework at your own pace as part of our convenient online degree program. The Business Leadership program is fully-online making it easy to schedule school around your other obligations. You can take classes during the day or night, during the week or on the weekend. Since Fremont University makes it so easy for you to earn a bachelor’s degree, there is nothing stopping you from enrolling.

How the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program Works

The Business Leadership Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program at Fremont University allows students to complete a degree they have already started by transferring credits from previously-taken classes to be applied toward a bachelor’s degree. The online program allows students to accelerate their degree timeline and earn a bachelor’s degree at an affordable cost. To be admitted into the Business Leadership Degree Completion Program, you’ll need a minimum number of college credits. If you’re not sure how many credits you have, we can prepare a transcript evaluation to determine if you’re ready to begin the program.

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Personal Attention Combined with the Convenience of Online Learning

The staff and faculty at Fremont University are committed to helping you succeed in your classes and your career. Taking classes online doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected from our community. Our student affairs team ensures you are in contact with your fellow classmates and professors on a consistent basis. In addition, our faculty members in the College of Business Los Angeles have extensive knowledge of business theories, and years of business experience ensuring that you receive the best training possible.

Online Business Leadership Coursework

The courses for a bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership give you the tools you need to understand the trends and theories of business, as well as the mindset to succeed. Business Leadership coursework will teach you the essentials of management and business technology, along with the latest concepts in Internet marketing and e-commerce. A Business Leadership degree is perfect for those who want to pursue a career as a Human Resources Associate, Project Manager, Marketing Associate, Recruiter, Executive Assistant, Compliance Coordinator, Retail Manager, or any other career that require business and leadership skills. Learn more about our Business Leadership degree program.


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