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MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Complete your MBA and start your new career in just 12 months

Program Highlights:
  • Take classes online and learn from the comfort of your home
  • Among all occupations, business, finance and sales have some of the highest wage premiums for workers with a master’s degree *
  • Become upwardly mobile in your current career or highly employable when seeking new opportunities
  • Learn about leadership, branding, innovation, value creation, and much more

* Source:   Bureau of Labor Statistics

Enhance your career with an MBA

If you are pursuing an upwardly mobile career in the business world, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can give you an impressive edge. Fremont College's MBA Program gives students the choice of two specialty tracks: Business Development Leadership and Organizational Leadership.  Through either track, the MBA program teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful business leaders, including leadership dynamics, brand development, entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship, strategic planning, crisis and risk management, and value creation.

An MBA from Fremont College will give you the skills you need to become a leader in nearly every industry.

Are MBA Graduates in Demand?

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, the demand for graduate management talent has reached a new high, with MBA salaries on the rise.

* Source: Graduate Management Admission Council

Possible Career Options After Fremont College

  • Department Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • PR Specialist

Important Qualities of an MBA


A forward thinking and creative team player who builds brand equity in new ways.


Communicates professionally and effectively in a calm and collected manner.


Possess leadership skills. Takes command and leads team members in a professional and effective manner. Stays level headed, especially during a crisis.

Creative Thinking

Gathers, disseminates, and applies data to problems.

Critical Thinking

Thinks inside, outside, and around the box. There is no problem too big or small that can't be solved.

What Do MBA Graduates Do?

  • Lead teams and individuals towards business goals
  • Manage employees towards success
  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Create and implement marketing plans
  • Design and apply long range strategies
  • Analyze and solve business-related problems
  • Re-engineer companies to increase profits
  • Introduce and implement innovative ideas

Where Do MBA Graduates Work?

  • Accounting Companies
  • Marketing Firms
  • Retail Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Non-profit Agencies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Financial Planning Firms
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Schools and Colleges
  • And Many More...

Fremont Difference

You are a busy professional who would like to advance your career, increase your salary and expand your options.  Earning an MBA is a step towards achieving these goals.  The MBA curriculum at Fremont College has been conceived by highly accomplished entrepreneurs and business executives who have a pulse on the current trends and needs of the business field.  The program is designed to turn students into highly desirable candidates for upward mobility within their current companies or new opportunities that they pursue.  Because of the many demands on your time and the need for flexibility in your scheduling, this program allows you to complete your courses online from the comfort of your own home.   Classes are accessible 24 hours a day.  And because you want to pursue your goals as soon as possible, you can earn your MBA at Fremont College in just one year.

If you want to give yourself an edge in the business world, but need flexibility and a fast pace, the MBA program at Fremont College is the perfect choice.

Accelerated Degree Program

Complete Fremont College's MBA program in just 12 months.

Mentoring From Expert Instructors

Receive expert help from our staff of highly-trained instructors, whose industry skills and work experience enhance the students' learning experience.

Online Learning

Complete your coursework when and where it is convenient for you, with access to your online classroom 24 hours a day.

Student Collaboration

Work with your fellow students to learn and grow together.

Career Services

Receive expert career advice and assistance to help you find a job in your field.

Engaging Coursework

Learn through video, audio, interactive multimedia, game-based activities and lively discussions with your instructor and fellow students.

Weekly Webcasts

Every online course has a once-a-week live webcast where students can interact with their instructor (a recording is provided for those who cannot attend).

Peer Tutoring

Get help from your fellow students at no cost.

Essential Courses

The MBA curriculum will include some of the following courses:

  • Effective Leadership Dynamics
  • Brand Development and Management
  • Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship Thinking
  • Opportunity Analysis and Innovation
  • Creative Thinking: EQ vs IQ
  • Managing Across Generations
  • Value Creation and Competitor Analysis
  • Crisis and Risk Management
  • Marketing Analytics for Business
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Operation Management and Strategy
  • Modern Finance Practices
  • Relationship Management
  • Project, Team and Communication Management
  • Business Ethics and the Legal Ecosystem
  • Developing Strategic Plans
  • Business Case Study and Decision-Making Process