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Massage Therapy

A Massage Therapy diploma equips students with the necessary practice hours to apply for massage therapy certification in just nine months. Students of our Massage Therapy program encounter numerous opportunities to practice their techniques in the real world by attending local sporting events. Upon graduating from the Fremont University diploma program, graduates possess the knowledge and hands-on training to qualify for careers in the growing field of massage therapy and other related fields. Learn more

Physical Therapy Aide &

Work in a hospital, physical therapy clinic, or other rehabilitative environment. Learn about physical therapy, rehabilitation, massage and therapeutic exercise. Learn more

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A diploma in Health Administration can help to open doors for you and your family. By working with the knowledgeable instructors at Fremont University you will have the benefit of taking classes from instructors who have real world experience. Your training will help prepare you for your new job in the healthcare industry. We look forward to seeing you at graduation day and seeing you thrive in your new field. Learn more


Prepare for entry-level employment in almost any industry, in companies large and small. Learn a wide variety of critical administrative skills. Learn more

Sports Therapy
& Massage

Work in a rehabilitative center, sports injury clinic, spa or other wellness environment. Learn about rehabilitative sports massage, therapeutic exercise, and biomechanics. Learn more

The diploma program at Fremont University provides students with a better alternative to earning a certificate. By earning a college diploma, you could increase your number of career opportunities and improve your earning potential compared to those who only have a high school diploma or certificate.