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Welcome to the first day of your amazing career! Fremont College teaches real-world job skills from the first day of class, and prepares you to be a confident professional upon graduation.

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Choose a program at our Cerritos campus or 100% online. Anywhere. Anytime. Engage learning through videos, audio, e-books, interactive presentations and even by playing games, utilizing all your senses.

Who says college is not fun?

Do you like playing games? Hanging out with friends? Technology. Innovation. Effectiveness. These are 3 ingredients that differentiate Fremont College.

How do you impact the world?

Do you want to make your mark on this earth? Choose a career field that matters to our future and is in high demand. If you’re ready to be a professional today, give us your commitment. Fremont College will give you a brilliant new future.

Fremont College Programs

Our Employers

Our students are working for top companies
Admissions and Financial Aid

We believe in opportunity for all, regardless of academic background or bank balance. Learn more about our admissions process.

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A Culture of Care

We take student care seriously, and we take it beyond the classroom. From your first admissions meeting to your first day on the job and more, you'll get the personal attention and career counseling you need to succeed.

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