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Tuition and Fee Schedule


 Undergraduate Cost Per Quarter Hour
Undergraduate Program Tuition Rate $400
Active Military Student Discount** ($117/per quarter credit hour discount) $283
Active Military GPA Success Scholarship*** (Military student discount plus an additional $117 per quarter credit hour reduction) $166
Graduate Cost Per Quarter Hour
Graduate Program Tuition rate $500


(effective starting 11/13/2017 term)

* Application Non-Refundable $25
* Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee (If applicable) Non-Refundable $25
* Registration Fee Non-Refundable $75
Technology Fee (Charged per academic year) $200
Testing Fee (CAMTC approved programs only) $300
Graduation Fee $100
Official Transcript Fee $10
Replacement Diploma $25
Repeat Course Fee $750
Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) $0.50 per $1,000 of tuition for California residents

Fremont College defines an Active Military student as those currently serving in Active Duty, the Reserves and the National Guard, as well as a military spouse or dependents.

*Waived for Military and Veteran students
Technology fee is charged once per academic year to all students, effective Nov 2017 term.

**Active Military Student Discount

The Active Military Student Discount tuition rate applies only to students who are currently serving in Active Duty, the Reserves and the National Guard at the time of their enrollment, as well as military spouses and dependents.  It remains in effect only as long as they continue to have active military status.  Upon completing their active military service, undergraduate military veterans, spouses and dependents will be charged the standard rate for all non-active military students.

***Active Military GPA Success Scholarship

As of October 1, 2017, new Military students pursuing a program with Fremont College receive a discount of $117 per quarter credit hour, for a total of $5,265 per academic year.  In their first 10-week term, all new Military students may be awarded an additional $117 per quarter credit hour in scholarships for each quarter hour they attend, to offset any out of pocket expenses.  After the first 10-week term, they may continue to receive this scholarship, up to $5,265 per academic year, if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

– maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
– must remain in an active student status with Fremont College

Military students who continue to meet this criteria will remain eligible for the Military GPA Success Scholarship and will pay $166 per quarter credit hour.  Those who fail to meet these requirements will pay the military student discounted rate of $283 per quarter credit hour.

The Active Military GPA Success Scholarship applies only to students who are currently serving in active duty, the reserves and the national guard at the time of their enrollment.  Military spouses and dependents are not eligible for this scholarship.


See Catalog for more details.

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