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Fremont College Chancellor Dr. Sabrina Kay visits her alma mater as the USC Marshall School of Business graduate commencement speaker. Watch the full video to learn about Dr. Kay's journey as a 19 year old immigrant to the United States to a serial entrepreneur and founder of Fremont

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How Do I Become a Law Clerk?

A law clerk is typically an attorney who works for a judge in either the municipal, state, or federal court systems. These individuals perform a variety of tasks for judges, including: Drafting memoranda and opinions Conducting legal research Verify legal citations Attend hearings Prepare files for

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How To Choose a Legal Career

Throughout the life of a typical American, many important decisions must be made. One of these big decisions involves what type of career to pursue. With so many options in the modern era, it can be difficult to choose which type of career is best for you. If you are someone who enjoys problem-solving, intellectual

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Of the many careers in the medical field from which you can choose, two of the most exciting and fulfilling are in Physical Therapy and Sports Therapy. While these career paths may seem similar, there are differences. Below is an outline of each career and what makes them distinct.Physical Therapy Education &

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In modern-day America, one of the biggest sources of entertainment is sports. From children who sign up for soccer at age 5 to the 40+ year old quarterback of a football team, the majority of Americans are involved in sports at some point in their life. However, sports involve physical exertion by definition, which,

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A Career in Sports Therapy

As a student who is interested in becoming a Sports Therapist, you may be wondering what your educational journey ahead looks like, how to find the right school, and what it really takes to get a job. In order to begin your pathway in this exciting and rewarding profession, there are a few things you need to

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what is sports therapy

What is Sports Therapy?

A number of people might compare a sports therapists to a physical therapists with the caveat that they only focus on and work solely with athletes. Sports therapists can work with athletes to prevent injuries, evaluate, and rehabilitate current injuries of athletes. They can also assist athletes who are looking to

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Top 5 Highest Earning States for Paralegals

In a fast-paced field where accuracy and extensive legal knowledge is needed to be successful, paralegals are always in high demand. Paralegals are needed in a variety of fields; some of the most lucrative jobs are found in the government, finance, and insurance. It is estimated that over 80,000 new paralegal jobs

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Personal Goal Setting - How To Set SMART Goals

What goals have you set for yourself? Have you set a goal to get a better job so that you can more easily provide for your family? How successful have you been with achieving your goals?People set goals for all sorts of reasons, but some goals work and some do not. If you are like me, you want to set the kind of

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Health Wellness Massage Training

Are you thinking of training to be a Massage Therapist? Becoming a Certified Massage Therapist requires dedication and a number of hours of hands-on training to earn certification. With an increase in new job openings in this field, Massage Therapy is becoming a highly desired career path. Massage Therapists can find

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