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What Makes a Good Paralegal?

You’re interested in helping people. You like to keep up with current events. You’re a good listener, writer, and reader. Maybe you’ve already considered entering the field of law, but if not, you should! And we know you want to be the best at anything you do, so here are a few things that make a great paralegal.

How to Snag a Paralegal Internship

As a student, finding a paralegal internship can offer unlimited advantages and invaluable learning experiences that will push you ahead of the pack when graduation rolls around. It will look great on your resume, show your dedication, hone your skills, and expand your professional network. The firm may even hire you upon graduation if they have the resources and you’ve proven to be invaluable. So how do you snag a paralegal internship? We’ll tell you!

  1. Do your research.

How to Become a Successful Massage Therapist

Many massage therapist practitioners have been closing down, and recent graduated massage therapist have not been able to find a job due to hard economic times. A recent poll came out, shedding light on this situation claiming that 64% of those who were losing cliental have gained them back. How is this possible if times are still tough? What are massage therapist doing different or not doing? What follows is a description of what many massage therapists are doing to keep their businesses strong.

New Clients

Top 5 Fitness Trends

Sports Rehab majors, we have some useful information for you. Here are 5 fitness trends that have caught on with athletes, trainers, and the sports medicine community.  You may even want to look into a job in these areas.

1) Fitness Bootcamp Workouts

Career Advice for New Paralegals

At Fremont Universitys we pride ourselves on educating young paralegals and inspiring them to reach their career goals. However, education doesn’t end after graduation. We’ve got some excellent tips for new (and soon-to-be) paralegals on how to find success!

  1. Find a mentor. Mentors are hidden gems in not only the workforce, but in life as a whole. Find someone in the law field that is will to answer your questions, gives good advice, gets you in touch with the right people, is willing to help you find a job, and much more.

How to Put Your Massage Clients at Ease

A massage is meant to be a relaxing experience – a time to alleviate tension, pressure and toxins building up in our bodies. And knowing how to handle and avoid uncomfortable situations with clients can help you keep them coming back!
The following tips can help you and your clients understand some of the common things everyone may be thinking of before, during and after a massage, but are too afraid to ask.

Top 5 Trending Winter Fashion Accessories

Being a student of Design means knowing what the trends are and being able to create the trends before they happen.  How do you stay trendy this holiday without breaking the budget for gift-giving?   One word.  Accessories.  Here are the top five accessories to make any ensemble stand out this winter season.

5 Simple Stress Relief Tips

Stress can sometimes be our friend, but most of the time stress relief is really what we strive for in our daily lives.  A day doesn't go by where you don't hear someone complain about having a headache, or their back hurting, or their feet aching. Do you ever wonder if you could contribute to the solution rather than the problem?  Becoming a Certified Massage Therapist is the path for you. 

Physical stress and mental stress are interrelated.  Here are 5 easy stress relievers that you can use today and everyday.

Social Media Marketing: 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Online Presence

Social Media Marketing majors out there understand how important it is to promote a company using non-traditional methods…especially in the age of digital communication. Some people don’t even leave their houses anymore to shop. Others keep track of their favorite brands and companies solely via the web. Many people wait to read online movie reviews before stepping out to the theatre. And it doesn’t stop there. That’s where social media marketing comes in.