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Jobs You Can Get With an Accounting Degree

Accounting jobs are well known for paying well, but do you really know what Accounting jobs include? Well, here are some job titles and tasks involved in the field of Accounting  that you should know:
Working in auditing is a great starting point if you are a fresh graduate with a degree in Accounting. Why? Because what you do in auditing is manage and organize checking accounts and financial statements within a company or the government. This way, you can truly understand how a company makes money and the way money flows.

4 YouTube Marketing Tips to Help Increase Brand Visibility

You may think of YouTube as just a place to upload and share videos, but it’s much more! It’s a community of its own, just like Facebook or Twitter.  For brands, it provides another opportunity to interact with consumers and foster relationships. Treating YouTube as a platform for engagement, as opposed to a video distribution site will set you ahead of the game and provide you a chance to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tips for Landing an Accounting Internship

We’ve shared some tips on writing paralegal resumes, how to be a professional and considerate massage therapist, and how to snag your first job. Well now it’s time to give our accounting majors some tips on getting the right internship, and possibly even a paid one!

1. Get help!

Sports Massage 101 – The Basics Every Professional Should Know

With every type of massage, the therapist has a specific goal in mind depending on the needs of each patient. Maybe one has a stressful job and lots of built up tension in his neck and upper back, or another client may have pain from an old injury. In a sports massage, the therapist focuses on the needs of the athlete and the demands of their sport.

Logo vs. Brand

Many people looking to build their businesses believe that if they have an awesome logo, they’ve successfully built their brand. So they enlist the help of a graphic designer. Unfortunately, the client has made the all-too-prevalent mistake of confusing the brand with a mere symbol or sign that hangs on the company’s door. In reality, the logo is only a minor part of the branding process. Here are some things for designers as well as businessmen to remember when distinguishing a logo from a brand.

What Makes a Good Paralegal?

You’re interested in helping people. You like to keep up with current events. You’re a good listener, writer, and reader. Maybe you’ve already considered entering the field of law, but if not, you should! And we know you want to be the best at anything you do, so here are a few things that make a great paralegal.

How to Snag a Paralegal Internship

As a student, finding a paralegal internship can offer unlimited advantages and invaluable learning experiences that will push you ahead of the pack when graduation rolls around. It will look great on your resume, show your dedication, hone your skills, and expand your professional network. The firm may even hire you upon graduation if they have the resources and you’ve proven to be invaluable. So how do you snag a paralegal internship? We’ll tell you!

  1. Do your research.

How to Become a Successful Massage Therapist

Many massage therapist practitioners have been closing down, and recent graduated massage therapist have not been able to find a job due to hard economic times. A recent poll came out, shedding light on this situation claiming that 64% of those who were losing cliental have gained them back. How is this possible if times are still tough? What are massage therapist doing different or not doing? What follows is a description of what many massage therapists are doing to keep their businesses strong.

New Clients

Top 5 Fitness Trends

Sports Rehab majors, we have some useful information for you. Here are 5 fitness trends that have caught on with athletes, trainers, and the sports medicine community.  You may even want to look into a job in these areas.

1) Fitness Bootcamp Workouts