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How to Become a Successful Massage Therapist

Successful Massage Therapist
Many massage therapy practices have been closing down, and many massage therapy graduates have not been able to find a job due to hard economic times. A recent poll came out, shedding light on this situation claiming that 64% of those who were losing clientele have gained them back. How is this possible if times are still tough? What are massage therapist doing differently or not doing? What follows is a description of what many massage therapists are doing to keep their businesses strong.

New Clients
We all know new clients are tough to find but we have a strategy for you. Try giving a potential new client a sample of your work. You don’t want them hesitating on whether to spend their money on you if they’ve never been to you. We suggest you “give to get.” Giving a 10-minute sample of your service can reduce the risk of booking for an entire hour. Get your hands busy, “give to get” and let new potential clients sample your work.
Be Unique
Always know the quality of your work. Make sure to ask for feedback. You don’t want to wait until your clients don’t reschedule then wonder why they didn’t. Be sure to be client-centered and tailored to each client. Know their personal preferences, and don’t make it a routine (unless asked otherwise).
Educate your Client
This provides an opportunity to teach clients about ergonomics, posture, overall well-being and include massage into their healthcare program. An educated client will reschedule more frequently, recognizing or having been trained to recognize that massage is a vital component to healthcare.
Stay Consistent
If a client chooses not to reschedule at the time of the appointment, many of the therapists interviewed said they have a follow-up program in place. Keep a chalkboard in your potential office and keep track of when to follow-up with clients. Perhaps Mr. Smith can’t reschedule now but asks you to contact him at the end of the season. Record his name and a date to call and stay on top of the schedule so no one is forgotten. The point is to have a system in place. It is a better use of time and resources to retain the clients you already have rather than drumming up new business.
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