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Earn a Degree Online in as little as 15 Months

Fremont College’s mission is to close the gap between the traditional classroom and the 21st century workplace. Our educational methods continue to enable online students to gain the training they need to learn valuable skills and become career bound in as little as 15 months. For those who are interested in a certificate or diploma, you can finish your business, marketing, or healthcare program in as little as 7 months and begin working in a new career.

Online Healthcare Program

Fremont College can help you get your healthcare degree or certificate 100% online.

Associate Degree Program

Online Health Information Technology Degree

There is no better time to earn a Health Information Technology degree and prepare for a career in one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. The Health Information Technology degree program at Fremont College prepares students to play vital roles in the healthcare delivery system and provides the necessary training to become skilled in health information management. Unlike some healthcare studies programs, ours will allow you to complete your degree online from the comfort of your home, coffee shop, or on the road.
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Online Business & Marketing Programs

Today, employees spend most of their time on a computer, interacting through e-mail and social media, using software, or talking on the phone to complete their work, yet most institutions are still teaching using antiquated methods. At Fremont College, we want our graduates to succeed in the modern workplace. Therefore, we utilize the same technologies and communication methods that employees in today’s workplace have mastered.

Earn an associate’s degree in Business Administration or a bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership 100% online.

Apply Now for the Business Leadership Online Program, Business Management Online Program, or the Digital Marketing Online Program.

Bachelor’s of Arts Degree Program

Online Business Leadership Degree

The online business leadership degree program provides extensive legal education, which gives students a competitive edge over graduates of other business schools. Legal courses include: Contracts, Employment Law, Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Advanced Corporate Law. In addition, Business Leadership students learn the ins and outs of accounting, business ethics, green technology, and Internet marketing techniques.
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Associate Degree Program

Online Business Management Degree

An online associate degree in business management prepares students to enter the world of business and arms them with knowledge in Internet marketing, social media marketing, brand creation and management, accounting, and employment law.
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Associate Degree Digital Marketing

Online Digital Marketing Degree

Take your marketing skills to the next level and make your resume stand out from the rest. An online digital marketing degree will not only help you begin a career in online marketing, it will enable you to become upwardly mobile as you develop as a professional. Learn how Fremont College can help you get start today.
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Professional Action Learning Applied to Online Courses

High Touch / High Tech: Fremont College employs a unique learning model, developed by Dr. Sabrina Kay, called Professional Action Learning. Just as modern employees work on a computer, yet still communicate and collaborate with others, online degree students at Fremont College work and collaborate with other students. Here is how:

Step 1
Content is delivered electronically from the instructor. Lectures in online courses vary in formats, from structured podcasts and live online lectures to streaming video and academic articles, keeping it interesting for the students. Content caters to all types of learners with information including statistics, current events, personal stories, and organized evidence.

Step 2
Students post questions in discussion forums after content delivery, and the instructor helps students accurately frame questions. Being able to develop good questions and having the courage to ask them is a primary skill in today’s workplace.

Step 3
Students work in their group asynchronously, much like people interact on social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Instructors also often hold synchronous sessions using live chats and video conferencing. Students work in groups, but are graded individually on their contributions. In each group, the presenter makes a presentation on behalf of the group to the rest of the class (the format varies and may include webcam video, PowerPoint slides, screencasting, or other distance presentation techniques). The scripter writes information about the groups findings in various formats. The moderator is a very important role in each group, providing leadership and guidance to the group, and managing the project to its best possible conclusion. The evidence analyst and devil’s advocate are analyzing the facts and scouring the Internet for supporting information.

Step 4
The information from each group member is then presented back to the rest of the class to enhance the online learning experience for all. Classmates rate and comment on each item presented by each group member, thereby making the interactivity between students a crucial part of learning in each class.

Step 5
Students create a reflective summary of the learning, using various techniques such as personal blogs, video responses, and associated weblinks.

Step 6
The learning content is aggregated into a learning archive for students to refer to forever.

While Fremont College is at the forefront of utilizing collaborative learning configurations in a distance format, our online degree courses also offer a very personalized touch. At the outset of each course, students are given a pre-test on the knowledge required for the course. Content can then be specialized to the needs of each student. Each online course is delivered through a powerful learning management system that includes technical support. Students also have access to virtual advising sessions, online career services, and an online student support center.

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