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How to Snag a Paralegal Internship

Paralegal Internship As a student, finding a paralegal internship can offer unlimited advantages and invaluable learning experiences that will push you ahead of the pack when graduation comes. An internship will look great on your resume, show your dedication, hone your skills, and expand your professional network. The firm may even hire you upon graduation if they have the resources and you’ve proven to be invaluable. So how do you snag a paralegal internship? Continue reading to find out.

Do your research
Take a look at local law firms online and see what area of law they specialize in. Narrow it down and then do some research on the attorneys. See if you have anything in common with them or find an interesting fact. Narrow it down to a few that you’d really like to intern for and really study up on what they’re all about so you’re prepared for a possible interview. Also, ask your instructors if they know of any law firms that often accept interns or look online for advertisements.
Develop your resume and cover letter
Your resume should be attractive and professional. Include your GPA, activities, awards, relevant experience, references, etc. Try to keep it to one page if possible, but if you have a ton of experience then list it! Your cover letter should be well-written and explain that you’re interested in an unpaid internship with their law firm. Present a clear argument on why you’d make a great asset to their team and that you’re willing to undertake any tasks, even the most menial, in order to learn from their expertise. Make sure you list any skills that might be appealing to law firms such as a high typing speed or software skills.
There are two ways you could go about applying. One is to e-mail or mail your resume and cover letter to the law firm. If you have any connection to the firm or a specific lawyer, know a friend-of-a-friend, go to the same gym, or anything else, make sure you mention it. It will set you apart and will prompt them to actually read your resume and consider you. If you want to make sure they look at your application, consider visiting the firm in person. Make an appointment if possible and state your case face-to-face. A lawyer will be especially impressed with your determination and speaking skills, both of which will serve you well in the profession.
Thank them
Send a hand-written thank you note after the interview. It’s considerate and forces them to think about you again a few days after reviewing your credentials. View your search for an internship as a kind of treasure hunt. The treasure is invaluable experience and a jump-start to your future career. The Fremont University of Legal Studies offers an exceptional program that will give you the information and preparation you need to excel in your internship and paralegal career after graduation.
Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

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