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Starting At A Trade School Vlog

Transcription Summary:

Benefits of Starting at a Trade School Like Fremont College

Admissions Department

  • Our 5-star success team begins with our admissions department, which assists students through the entire admissions process.
  • We help with everything from getting accepted into the college to preparing your essay and recommendation forms, ensuring you are fully prepared for your program of choice.

Financial Aid

  • Our dedicated financial aid team assists students in applying for financial aid and making their program affordable while in school.

Student Affairs

  • The student affairs department provides tutoring, scheduling, and academic advising to support students throughout their time in school.

Career Development

  • Our career development specialists help students prepare for their field with cover letter writing, professional networking, and interviewing techniques.

Online Learning

  • We offer online learning and blended learning courses for students with limited time. Our online programs fit around your schedule, and blended learning options are available for working adults who can attend during the day or evening.

These are some of the perks of starting a trade school at Fremont College.


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