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Woman standing by LA Lakers sign

Lupe Genis

Lupe is an independent therapist for the LA Lakers and Sparks teams, working with athletes and celebrities, such as Candace Parker of the Sparks, Jared Goff of the Rams, and UFC fighter, Kron Gracie.

smiling white woman

Rebecca Friedman

The staff at Fremont University goes above & beyond to help students succeed. They are entertaining, well informed & provide a stimulating learning environment.

Asian woman

Jamerie Michalek

What I liked about Fremont University is that I had a sense of purpose and I was moving toward that purpose.

smiling hispanic man

Matthew Skipps

When I met the instructors at Fremont, they installed a sense of confidence in me that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t accomplish.

smiling hispanic woman

Sara Navalta

I loved that everyone felt like friends and family. The entire staff at Fremont University had my best interests in mind.  

Smiling man

John Rojas

What I love about Fremont is that I had a sense of togetherness. Everyone was willing to pitch in and help each other out. It was like a family atmosphere.

smiling woman

Ericka Porras

I loved the teachers. They were very knowledgeable. Everyone is always willing to help. They want you to be successful.  

Smiling hispanic woman

Susie Montoya

I loved the sense of family. The way that everyone was dedicated to my success.