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Secrets to Business and Life Success with Brian Lee at Fremont University

If you have ever wanted to be successful as an entraprenurer or in life in general it can be difficult to know where to begin. Why not start with someone who may have already achieved the success you’re looking for? Say, maybe someone who has co-founded The Honest Company, ShoeDazzle, and LegalZoom.  Someone like Brian Lee.

If you’re ready to learn from a repeat success story, continue reading.  Be sure to watch the full video of Brian Lee when he visited Fremont University.

Who Else Want’s To Build A Great Business?

with Brian Lee. Founder and CEO of

If you are looking to start a business you should first read the “6 Foundational Steps Necessary To Succeed In Business & Life.”  Learn more by following the below steps:

  1. Partner Properly.  Make sure you choose a partner you get along with.
  2. Personalized Service.  Your Product or service should be focused on the customer.
  3. Proper Perspective.  Always keep your GOAL in mind and don’t be distracted.
  4. The People Around You. Be around the type of people who encourage and excite you.
  5. Prioritizing your Efforts.  By managing your priorities, you set yourself up to win.
  6. Pursue your Passion.  Understanding what MOVES you keeps you on track.

As you may have guessed, these are all important factors to consider when establishing your business.   Another important tip Mr. Lee points out in his address to the students at the Fremont University CEO Open House is that when you make a mistake, be sure you learn from it.  Everyone makes mistakes but one of the keys to improving yourself and your business is to learn from your mistakes.

Watch The Video Below For More Information

Do You Want to Learn More on How To Successfully Start Your First Business?

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