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Fremont University Reviews

If you’re wondering “Is Fremont University a good school?” you’ve come to the right place. Below, recent graduates offer Fremont University reviews and testimonials describing their experience at Fremont University. You can learn about the journeys of our graduates who graduated from our paralegal schoolonline business programswellness school, and healthcare programs. Read real student reviews and watch the videos to find out how Fremont University helps students succeed.

christine jones paralegal studies and business leadership

Christine Jones

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies; Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Leadership
Director of Risk Management for a well-known fine dining restaurant company
When I came in for my orientation, I fell in love and decided that this was the school I wanted to go to. I ended up signing up and enrolling that same day. It’s very personable. Any issue that I’ve ever had as far as family or work, they’re always there to listen to me. Fremont gave me a lot of self-confidence and reminded me on a daily basis what I’m worth and what I’ve learned here – and that set me apart from my co-workers because of the skills that I’ve learned through my classes.

victor barajas paralegal graduate fremont college

Victor Barajas

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2012
Paralegal at James Hawkins APLC Class-Action Litigation Firm
The thought of future employment and career prospects was dim with only a high school education. I knew I had to do something that not only was fulfilling in my heart, but also served a long-term niche. The classes that prepared me the most were definitely Technology in the Legal Field – that was a very important one, I use it on a daily basis. The fact that I work in an employment law firm… obviously my Employment Law class assisted me very much. Introduction to Paralegal Ethics was also a very good class.

miguel sanchez sports and rehabilitation therapy

Miguel Sanchez

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2012
Recreation Leader at City of La Puente and Sr. Recreation Leader at City of Walnut
I chose Fremont University because they had a sports program – that’s what got my attention. Every other school that I looked into only had the specifics, like massage, and this was the only school that was local to me that focused on sports, and offered a lot of hands-on training. When I came in, they told me that they do a lot of volunteer work, and I’m a hands-on type of person so that got my attention.

holly-tice paralegal graduate

Hollie Tice

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2011
Paralegal at British Petroleum
My favorite thing about Fremont was the instructors. The instructors were really knowledgeable and didn’t just teach out of the book. They brought in real-life scenarios and real-life tools – things that you would use in the real-world as a paralegal.

tiffany cox business administration degree

Tiffany Cox

Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration, 2012
Activities Assistant at Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center
I was having problems finding a school that made me feel welcomed. All of the other schools made me feel more like a number rather than a person, and when I found Fremont University, it gave me that sense of satisfaction and comfort.

april cairns paralegal school graduate

April Cairns

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2012
Works at Southland Spine and Rehabilitation Medical Center
I chose Fremont University because it was ABA-approved. I think that’s the most important reason because I knew it would make it easier for me to get a job right away once I completed the program.

deanne gilmore paralegal school graduate

Deanne Gilmore

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2012
I went on the American Bar Association website and started looking for an approved college that was in my neighborhood, and I found Fremont and other community colleges. When I investigated, I found out that the community colleges sometimes would take three, four, five years to get all of the classes I need. At Fremont, I was able to enroll and get a program laid out for me that would allow me to graduate in 15 months and get back out into the working world.

felipe lorenzo paralegal program

Felipe Lorenzo

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2011
What I love about the students at Fremont is that there is great diversity, and there is a great sense of community. Everybody helps one another, everybody looks out for one another. I gained a family at Fremont. It is an amazing community.

melissa becerra sports and rehabilitation therapy degree

Melissa Becerra

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2011
Massage Therapist for Body Charge, Hawaiian Gardens Casino, and The L.A. Sparks
My favorite thing about Fremont University was the hands-on work because it builds up your experience, and the events that we do outside of school. The instructors were very helpful because they believe that you can further your career. I like the campus. I like how it is a tight-knit group. What prepared me most was how the instructors always taught us how to communicate with people and explain what we’re doing with our clients.

jaclyn joyner sports and rehabiliation therapy degree

Jaclyn Joyner

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2011
What I like most about Fremont University is how much the instructors care. I have made a handful of lifelong friends at Fremont University. What I love about my fellow students at Fremont University is how they assist you with difficult concepts and help you through life’s challenges.

oscar anchando paralegal graduate

Oscar Anchando

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2011
What I love about my experience at Fremont, first, was the faculty – they were easy to talk to and they were accommodating. Second, I love the accommodation I was able to get at Fremont, working 40 hours per week and being able to attend school. When my work schedule was changed, they were flexible with me allowing me to change my school schedule so that I could continue attending Fremont and complete my goals.

lounard ong sports therapy graduate

Lounard Ong

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2011
Fremont is a place where you can meet new friends and build a family relationship with everybody. The students at Fremont helped me by cheering me on. If I didn’t do well on a quiz, they would say “Keep going, don’t give up. We’re a family”. We’d go through things together; we studied for finals, we studied for mid-terms, we studied for everything together.

louise alvarado sports physical therapy degree

Louise Alvarado

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2011
Fremont is a place where you can grow as an individual. I learned a lot at Fremont University. The instructors are very helpful. It’s fast-paced, so it doesn’t take long to get your associate’s degree.

brenda gutrick massage therapy diploma

Brenda Gutrick

Diploma in Massage Therapy, 2011
The thing I loved most about Fremont was the diversity. I’ve made some friends at Fremont that I hope will be lifelong friendships. They helped me finish and graduate from Fremont University.

arteka robinson sports physcial therapy associate degree

Arteka Robinson

Associate of Science degree in Sports Therapy, 2010
Lead Instructor at Southern California Health Institute
I liked the program. I liked the classes. I loved the hands-on part and anatomy. I love the human body and how it operates. The instructor made us do massages over-and-over. It prepared me to go out there and work with people. When they tell you they have different issues, you’re able to recognize that and demonstrate the massage they need for that particular issue.

melva jolley paralegal degree

Melva Jolley

Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2010
They actually put you in real-life situations as opposed to just reading from the book. Most of the instructors are in the field or attorneys, and they basically give you both sides – the good and the bad – of being a paralegal, as opposed to just glamorizing it. They have been my second family. I have been through anything you can possibly imagine, and they have held my hand.

rehabilitation therapy degree

James Barrett

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2010
I chose Fremont because I liked the program length, and that I could get an actual associate’s degree from the school. A lot of other places just offered a certificate, and I was looking for something a little more than that. The classes there have all been great. I gained a lot of knowledge and I have been able to take my experience to a lot of different places.

april maciel aa degree sports rehabilitation therapy

April Maciel

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2010
I liked (the sports therapy program) because it was a challenge. It wasn’t just “Here’s a book, read it”. It was more, “Let’s read the book, do a teach-back, and do some more grunt work”, and it very much paid off. I was chosen to go to the Disneyland Half-Marathon, and you had to have good grades to be chosen for that so it was nice to be chosen. Doing a bunch of other marathons really helped on my resume.

srt degree

Kristen Brice

Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2009
Sports Massage Therapist at the University of California, Irvine
My favorite thing about Fremont was the instructors and the students. The students bonded and looked after each other, and we helped each other progress in our field. The instructors were always there to help and always there to encourage us and also prepare us for what we could expect in the field. The instructors put on events, and going to the events they put on, or even doing externships and internships within the sports field with high school teams – that’s what really helped me.

rey rolon sports rehabilitaiton therapy school

Rey Rolon

Associate of Science in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2009
Before I came to Fremont University, I was selling drugs, running the streets, fighting. I didn’t think I would ever graduate high school. My family didn’t have much hope for me. I was even going to quit school because I didn’t have enough money, but they told me “Get on your financial aid, we’ll help you. We’ll send you to the right people to talk to”, and here I am today.

rachelle moniz massage therapy diploma

Rachelle Moniz

Diploma in Massage Therapy, 2009
They have a job placement counselor. He helped me a lot by submitting my resume online, and by emailing back-and-forth – a lot of communication – and I do have a job now, thanks to him!


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