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Medical Transcriptionist Job Description

What Do Medical Transcriptionists Do? Job Description of a Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionists use transcribing machines that consist of a headset and foot pedal to listen to and type up reports of recordings by physicians and other healthcare professionals. These audio files include medical reports, such as emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging studies, operations, chart reviews, and final summaries. They edit the reports as necessary and return them in either electronic or printed form to the dictator for review and signature. Written reports prepared by the Medical Transcriptionist are then included in the patient’s medical record. Medical Transcriptionists should be detail-oriented, proficient with computers, and have an understanding of medical language.

Medical Transcriptionist Career Options
Many Medical Transcriptionists work from home, but some work in hospitals and doctor’s office. The work is primarily computer-based, although some interaction with doctors and nursers is also required. The Medical Transcriptionist salary varies based on experience.


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