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Advantages of a Business Degree

How to Choose the Right Career
Like most people considering a business degree, you want to make sure your degree will be useful once you graduate. From career flexibility to increased earning potential, a business degree has many benefits. But just which area of study is best?  Should you choose to study Business Administration, Business Management, Business Leadership, or maybe an MBA?  Continue reading to learn about the advantages of a business degree and find out how this type of degree can lead to career success.

Multiple Learning Options

Multiple Learning Options
In addition to the fact that students can earn a business degree online or on campus, colleges also typically provide options for specialized programs within the business degree program. The types of concentrations available vary from one school to another but typically include accounting, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and other options. Students who choose a concentration within a business degree program are able to focus their education in a way that will best serve their career goals.

Career Flexibility

Career Flexibility
A business degree is useful in a wide variety of professions. Supervisory and managerial roles are common among business degree graduates, for those who are interested in leadership. From a business owner to a high-powered executive, there are numerous jobs available to those who have a business degree. Many college graduates regret their choice of degree because it offers very little in terms of job opportunities, however, this is not the case with a business degree.

Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility
Earning a business degree can pave the way for future advancement opportunities. A business degree will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs compared to those who don’t have a degree or who have a less marketable degree. Since a degree in business provides a variety of useful skills that can be used in any type of profession, employees who have a degree in business are sought-out by employers.

Increased Earning Potential

Increased Earning Potential
Having a bachelor degree will already ensure that you have the potential to earn a better income, and having a bachelor degree in business can improve your earnings even more. Since business graduates are better qualified for high-level positions within a company than graduates of other degrees, they have the potential to earn more money. Business degree graduates are qualified for some of today’s most in-demand professions.

Acquire Useful Skills

Acquire Useful Skills
Regardless of how you use your business degree professionally, the education you receive can equip you to function more effectively in a business-driven economy. Your awareness of business motives and operations also positions you to be a more effective consumer. Even if you end up in a non-business-related career, such as education or social work, your work will likely entail some interaction with businesses. Social workers, for example, commonly interact with both for-profit and nonprofit businesses in helping clients find support and assistance programs.

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities
Getting a business degree from a private college like Fremont University comes with benefits such as access to professionals who have already worked in the field, alumni associations, career placement services, and college resources that only those who have a degree can take advantage of. In particular, many business colleges offer free services including career planning and counseling to alumni, exempting graduates from costly fees for resumé assistance and job planning services. These free services also typically include access to current job openings that are made available to college career centers before they are released to the general public.
If you already have some college credit and want to finish your degree, look no further than Fremont University. In the Business Degree Completion program at Fremont University, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership in just 15 months. Since the program takes place 100% online, the program is perfect for busy adults who want to advance in their career, but don’t have a lot of spare time. Don’t wait – start preparing for your future today by finishing your college degree. Contact us to learn more about our business degree program or to request a free career guide.

Business Degree Basics

Business Degree Basics
One of the biggest advantages of having a bachelor’s degree in business is that there are many different ways that it can be used in various careers. Some students graduate from college to find that there is a lack of jobs available in their field. For the majority of business students however, this is not the case. Due to the nature of the degree, students majoring in business graduate with an array of knowledge about various parts of a business, and find that lots of companies are searching for employees with the knowledge that these students possess.

Choosing an Emphasis

When majoring in business, many students opt to select an emphasis for their studies. Some examples of emphases from which business majors choose are accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Usually, a business emphasis means that you will receive a broad background in business, but will receive more focused and specialized knowledge in the field you choose your emphasis.
Accounting Emphasis
Accounting is considered to be the “language of business” since different people involved in business use accounting-based data to communicate and determine the financial well-being of a business. The study of accounting is also used to keep track of all financial activities within a business, including budgets, general ledgers, and balance sheets. Many business majors with an emphasis in accounting opt to sit for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam. This certification allows the individual to have national accreditation, and opens up job opportunities vastly, turning a general business degree into a specialized and successful career.
Finance Emphasis
Finance, like accounting, works with the numbers behind businesses. However, while accounting deals with the current status of a business, finance focuses on the future potential of a business. Those who emphasize their studies in finance often end up in advisory roles in businesses, since their education provides them with knowledge on how to raise funds and make investments properly. In essence, those in finance help businesses decide how best to earn money.
Marketing Emphasis
Marketing covers how to promote the company and sell products or services. Students with an emphasis in this subject find themselves in jobs linked to advertising and market research, sometimes even touching on matters like public relations and image management. Marketing is basically in charge of how businesses persuade customers to give the business money in exchange for products or services, and students who choose this emphasis expand their job opportunities greatly.
Entrepreneurship Emphasis
Entrepreneurship is the term used to refer to the process of beginning a new business. Business students with an emphasis in entrepreneurship specialize in innovation in business, whether that be through new business ideas or inventive business methods.
Some or all of the business emphases mentioned above could be different kinds of business majors at another institution. Some of the different business majors can include

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Business Communications
  • Real Estate
  • Human Resources Management
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Let Us Be Your Guide

Let Us Be Your Guide
With all of these options for business degree emphases and degree types, you are sure to find a career path right for you with the right guidance. Here at Fremont University, we offer a business degree program that can be completed in only 15 months! Using a fully 100% online platform, getting a business degree has never been more accessible. Get more information about our programs by simply filling out the form on this page.  Contact us today to learn more about our school, and how you can earn a business degree from Fremont University.


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