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Massage Therapy Relieves Lower Back Pain

Massage Therapy Relieves Lower Back Pain We have all heard the complaints or experienced the dreaded lower back pain; treatments for this unease can vary but some prove to be more superior than others for short term relief. The most common medical care consists of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants or physical therapy. Massages on the other hand range from relaxation based to structural. Structural massages focus on soft tissue abnormalities; this type allows the masseuse to manipulate specific pain and trigger muscles and ligaments. Relaxation based massage or Swedish massage promotes body wide relaxation.

Government Study on Massage Therapy for Back Pain

A new government study suggests, that for short-term relief, massage therapy is better than medical treatment for relieving pain. The study consisted of 400 test subjects all of whom had chronic lower back pain. All subjects were placed in one of the three groups: structural message, relaxation message, or medical care. The test subjects in the massage groups were given hour–long massage treatments weekly for 10 weeks.
After 10 weeks one-third of those in the massage group had improved, some of which no longer felt any pain at all. Those in the message group were also twice as likely to be up and active. As far as the long term was concerned after six months the massages were still attributed to improved function. However, after a year pain and function were almost equal in all three groups.

Understanding Options for Treatment

Whether we like it or not we will all experience some level of lower back pain in our lifetime. Understanding the options for treatment is crucial to relieving pain. However, patients and massage therapists must note that though message therapy is superior to medical treatment it is only a short-term solution. Thus making massage therapy more of a supplemental therapy.
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