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Best Online Resources for Paralegals

It can be challenging to stay up to date with all the changes to the legal field when you are busy actually working in the legal field. Listed here are several resources that can help you stay up to date in the legal field. Everyone of these sites is completely free to access and browse. There’s no need to spend several hundreds of dollars to join other sites when the knowledge is openly available. These site are also all easy to navigate and huge time savers.

Legal Talk Network:
This is a good place for catching up on law in their spare time. They host several podcast that can be downloaded and listened to at anytime. Make your commute more engaging by adding one of these to your playlist. These are done by legal professionals and cover a wide range of topics. If you find a podcast that you like you can even subscribe to them via itunes or an RSS feed. With so many podcasts available it is likely that they have covered a topic that interest you.
Nolo is a research website that offers resources to go through. They have a wide range of legal forms that are free to download and even a directory if you need to talk to a lawyer or someone else in the field. They also offer books or programs for sale that can be cheaper than what Amazon sells them for. This site is mostly helpful for those just starting off in the legal field.
Paralegal Mentor:
Made by Vicki Voisin, this site provides easy access to several great articles and a few really useful resources. This serves as a resource for paralegals who are having trouble with keeping everything in order.
Find Law: Standard site:
Professional site:
The standard site is your you average person and features a legal dictionary, access to forms, a lawyer search that can be narrowed by type and area, and a case search. There is also a range of articles, news, and a blog for prominent attorneys where legal issues are discussed. The professional website is also free, but also has additional features.
The search engine here is more extensive. There are also sources for job searches in the legal field and for practice management.
ABA Journal:
ABA has a good podcast, and legal blogs, but the news feed is excellent. Most legal websites that post news tend to do update daily but ABA has a new article up every few hours. This is a top site of staying up to date and informed on legal news.
Inter Alia:
This blog is for the legal professional interested in technology. Tom Mighell is the writer of the blog and he really knows his tech and how to incorporate it into the legal field. His blog is still worth visiting if you have been thinking of updating your practice and bringing it into the modern age.
The Empowered Paralegal:
This place is great for doing research. No matter what the subject, you’re sure to find several articles. It has been continuously running since 2009 and written solely by  Robert E. Mongue.
Law Practice Tips Blog:
This is a great blog for visiting if you need tips on managing your practice. It is also a good source of information for how law is adapting to the use of modern technology.
California Litigator:
Contrary to the name, this site is not only for those practicing in California. The author, Barbara Haubrich-Hass, provides several great tips for both new and old paralegals. They range from scheduling to research tips. Very useful for anyone practicing law.
Legal Industry News:
A collection of the law related legal news stories. News about everything from E-discovery to the technology you’d find useful in your office is right here in an easy-to-search format, just waiting for your to look into it.
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