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5 Tips to Stay at the Top of the Business World

Business Leadership Tips
The business world is becoming increasingly more competitive especially with the number of companies failing to reach peak success. Companies are unable to succeed without the guidance of a strategically prepared leader. A leader must have an assorted arsenal on deck ready to deploy whatever tactic needed stay on top. From specific mindsets to strategically choosing alliances, here are five business lessons for leaders aspiring to stay on top.

Lesson #1: Crush the Competition
What better way to stay on top than to make sure no one else can make it there? So many enter the business world, crowding your chance at success. It’s nice to share the wealth, but it’s nicer to reign on top. There are a number of tactics to thwart competitors; for example offering products or services at a cheaper price then the competitors. Competitors will then struggle to keep up, leaving them in the dust.  In the words of Machiavelli, “By any means necessary” take down the competition.
Lesson #2:  Do Not Isolate
Isolating yourself from others, including the competition, can be your demise. Isolating yourself can deprive you from valuable information that can hinder progress. Mingle with everyone and everybody in the crowd. Make acquaintances and connections. You will broaden your understanding of fellow competitors, learning their strengths and weaknesses. With all this newly attained information, a good leader can stay on top and plan accordingly.
Lesson #3: Keep Peace with the Powerful
The race to stay on top will inevitably come with those hoping and awaiting your fall from grace. But the last thing you need is those ill wishes to come from those who are more powerful, who can possibly destroy you. Gaining the support of those higher up in the food chain can later serve as a tool to progress.
Lesson #4: Do Good, Sometimes…
It’s important to stay stern and strict when trying to lead a team, but it’s equally as important to remember to stay humble and recognize the need to give back. When having reached success, it’s key to remain generous shinning a positive light on yourself and your team. Like Aliko Dagnote, powerful Nigerian billionaire, he donates large sums of money to education and health care in Africa, gaining tons of recognition from fellow colleagues and the public. These good gestures can catapult you and your brand to the top.
Lesson #5: Smart People, Smart Moves
A smart business leader surrounds himself with the smartest, most intelligent team members. A leader can be denounced as weak, or unintelligent if he associates himself with a lesser than efficient team. You’re only as strong, or as smart, as your weakest link.
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