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5 Tips to Become a Better Boss

Tips to Become a Better Boss Being in a position of authority and leadership has its perks, but also comes with responsibilities. It’s important to create a relationship wherein trust is established but you remain a firm, authoritative figure to your employees. Allowing your team to see you as an approachable and reliable leader is conducive to better work and productivity. Follow these five easy steps to build trust with your employees and become a better boss.

1. Trust is Key Trusting your employees that they are capable to produce quality work, rather than belittling their abilities will create an atmosphere where everyone is motivated to work. It is important to give clear instructions from the start to avoid any misunderstandings down the road. In doing so, you are able steer clear of having to correct someone and create possible tension between you and the employee.
2. Enable Success In order for employees to perform at the top of their game, you must provide them with the appropriate guidance and necessary resources. Keep in mind everyone’s strengths and weaknesses so you can assign projects that match team members’ abilities. As for new employees, assigning a small job within their skills will create a confident employee that can take on larger projects in the future.
3. Reward Good Work Recognizing a job well done as it happens lets your team know they have a leader that is attentive and appreciates hard work. Rewarding good work motivates employees to do their best and continue producing quality work.
4. Keep Your Cool Mistakes are inevitable. Becoming a better boss entails being able to take these setbacks in stride and calmly guide your employees in the right direction. Remaining cool and collective when things don’t go as planned will allow employees to perceive you as a compassionate and understanding boss. And even if your first reaction to a blunder comes off as overly critical, do not hesitate to apologize and remedy the situation to avoid affecting your relationship with your employees.
5. Be Courteous Saying “please” and “thank you” is just as important as crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s when doing business. Value your team members and treat them with respect. Avoid getting a reputation as the “Scrooge” around the office and become a better boss by genuinely caring for your team; it goes a long way. Learn more skills to become a better a boss in the bachelor of arts degree program in business leadership at Fremont University of Business.


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