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Career College Central Names Sabrina Kay One of the Industry’s Most Influential Figures

As another milestone in a remarkable career, Fremont University Chancellor and CEO Dr. Sabrina Kay was acknowledged by Career College Central as one of the year’s most influential executives in the career college industry. The article in the May 2010 issue recognizes these influential figures as people who are willing to step into the spotlight and bring a positive focus on the industry.
In her profile, Dr. Kay explains that one of Fremont University’s great successes lies in being able to provide an excellent education to students with different backgrounds and educational needs. One of the ways we have been able to achieve this educational mission is Dr. Kay’s research and development of Professional Action Learning. Dr. Kay took a similar approach with her first success, California Design College, where she developed a curriculum based around computer drawing software, and used it to train a generation of young fashion designers.
The article highlights Dr. Kay’s devotion to demonstrating the positive influence that the career college industry has made, both in the world of education, and in the lives of the students it has touched. She has been able to communicate this influence through her tireless involvement and leadership in local and national civic, charitable, political, and business organizations.
But, as Dr. Kay explains, she begins every day with the inspiration of helping students improve their own lives through the power of education: “My most invigorating motivation for working in the career college sector is being able to share the beginning hope of our students’ new lives and experience the thrill of their accomplishments. Our students’ stories inspire me every day.”


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