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CEO Open House with Will Demps, Former NFL Player

Posted on April 18, 2017


Google Transcription of Video Below
[Speaker introducing Will] First of all I wanted to thank you guys for coming out.  It means alto to me. I want to introduce Will Dent who is a great friend of mine.  We went to college together. He was my mentor in college. So I am sure he’ll say some things I expect you guys will be inspired by.  This is NFL football payer, Will Demps.

[Will speaking] Hi my name is Will Demps. I went to San Diego State University.  I studied IPS, information decision systems.  I payed for 14 years in the NFL. For eight years I played in Baltimore, New York, and Houston. I now currently am a restaurant owner in Dallas. The restaurant is called Wet Willies. It’s a franchise bar & restaurant business.  It’s franchised in the west coast.  I’m gonna venture off and open more in Southern Californian.

[Will giving encouragement to students] The odds are against you know. I bet you a lot of people here say why you want to go to massage therapy school? There are so a massage therapist. There are so many design students. There’s so many of these… people who are going to tell you that. They’re gonna nitpick you on why do you want to do certain things, but as long as you believe and I believe … no matter where you start where you finish you always got to be prepared for the opportunity.

If it wasn’t for the masseuses the acupuncture’s that I’ve got I wouldn’t be standing here. Being a former NFL player and in the sports field. I think it’s crucial that people like themselves are here to get motivated, learn from teachers that instill greatness and understanding that this is a great work environment for him. I’m excited to be here and haven’t experience anything like this before. Never known anything like this before in to be in a college atmosphere.

It’s exciting to me to see (the excitement and motivation) in the kids face. They’re very motivated.  I want you guys to stay motivated and focused on the key things in life and to make sure to keep that foundation. Stay focused.

What I was taught… what Ray Lewis taught me was something that always stuck with me. A closed mouth never gets fed. Think about it. You gotta eat you know what I mean.  It’s one of those things that you always gotta set a foundation and focus because we have one opportunity in life.  You got to take advantage of it. If it’s here learning from a teacher, learning from a fellow colleague it’s something that that you can never take, it is yours.  At the same time I always have something to fall back on. It was my degree.

I went to San Diego State. I got a business degree. Business is something that I always loved and I knew that I always had something to fall back on.  There is going to be things in life that are going to bring you down. That might cause you to not always be on your A game. If that happens, just push ahead and believe in yourself. Once you do that you know the sky is a the limit.  Fremont College is amazing.  It’s very outstanding the way they put things together.   I’m ecstatic to be here.  Great top-notch place.

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