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Student Ambassadors


Nobody treks through the Amazon jungle without a guide – someone who’s been there before and knows the best trail to your destination. Our Student Ambassadors are peer guides for the college journey. They’ve made the transition to the college lifestyle, are familiar with our PAL teaching style, and will help lead you through your first days with us, making you feel at home. Soon, you may even decide to become an Ambassador for future students.

Fremont University students take pride in the campus and enjoy a sense of teamwork with each other. A critical component of Fremont’s culture of excellence, and a major cornerstone of a strong learning environment, is our volunteer Student Ambassadors program where individual learning can be achieved in an encouraging atmosphere. Members of our Student Ambassador program take on the rewarding roles of student helpers to make classroom learning run smoothly for others, while simultaneously practicing daily leadership.


Peer Tutor

Fremont University fully understands that each student has a personal learning style, and that sometimes a knowledgeable peer can clarify class material in a way that suits diverse learning styles. A peer tutor is a student who has a strong grasp of the subject matter. A Fremont University peer tutor is able to guide a struggling friend and to encourage them to learn together as a team.

Peer tutors who regularly help their classmates have also stated that they gain a better comprehension of the material themselves from teaching their peers. Peer tutors and the students they help each find their shared academic relationships to be highly rewarding.


Peer Coach

Peer coaches are essentially cheerleaders. They want all of their classmates to achieve a sense of well being while attending the school. These coaches reach out to peers who may be struggling in matters outside of academics and serve as someone students can turn to if they are having difficulties adjusting to school life. Peer coaches can also be liaisons between students, student services departments or outside referral centers.

Peer Concierge

A peer concierge assists with maintaining the smooth operation of the campus and upkeep of the classroom’s administrative needs. Before events like New Student Orientation, the guest speaker series, or student events, peer concierges help prepare the venue and other logistical and organizational tasks. These Ambassadors also provide students with access to resources and services, both at Fremont University and around Southern California.


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