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Dr. Sabrina Kay To Be USC Marshall Graduate Program Commencement Speaker on May 12, 2017

On May 12, Dr. Sabrina Kay will be attending the USC Marshall Graduate Program Commencement Ceremony as this years commencement speaker.
Dr. Sabrina Kay is a self-made serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. She led a diverse professional life, starting as a fashion designer, she caught the entrepreneurial bug at a very early age, founded Art Institute of Hollywood, and launched 6 more successful entrepreneurial ventures, retired in her 30’s, and served on over 30 different charitable and civic boards.
Currently, she is Founder and Chancellor of Fremont University in Cerritos, which implemented her dissertation on Professional Action Learning, a unique learning model based on collaboration and inquiry. With her leadership, Fremont University is recognized as a leader in professional education for business, technology, and healthcare programs, earning the School of Distinction Award from its accreditation commission.
Dr. Kay immigrated from South Korea to the US during her college years and overcame various hardships – including learning to speak English. As a self-claimed recovering nonprofit junkie, she chairs After School All Stars, Sabrina Kay Charitable Foundation, and is a board member of various organizations representing several causes, including inner-city youth education, the arts, fashion, and humanitarian relief.
Dr. Kay received her joint doctorate degree in work-based learning leadership at the Wharton School and Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds double master’s degrees: an MBA from USCMarshall and a Master of Science in higher education from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a lifetime member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.


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