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Important Facts About an MBA Degree

As someone who may be evaluating career options and corresponding degree programs, you may be wondering why so much is said about MBA programs. There are many valuable aspects of an MBA degree. Here are a few of the most important things to know.

MBA Basics

An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration, is a well-known degree that covers many topics typically encountered in business. The purpose of the degree is to provide general knowledge of both corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Internationally Credible

An especially important element of an MBA degree is its international credibility. Business, being the foundation of international commerce, is used globally. As a result, the United States developed the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, which as of 2017 has about 760 business schools that hold membership. Therefore, an MBA degree is recognized as useful to citizens of all countries, making its employment opportunities vast and plenty.

Employment Opportunities

Speaking of employment opportunities, an MBA degree offers a variety of options, both in the corporate world and the realm of entrepreneurial endeavors.
Existing businesses often look for MBA graduates as prospective employees due to the amount of information they typically possess. For those already working in the corporate world, earning an MBA degree can help with career advancement, making already successful workers more likely to receive promotions and leadership roles.
For more creative and innovative individuals, earning an MBA degree is an excellent way to obtain the knowledge necessary to start their own businesses. When pitted against non-MBA-holding entrepreneurs, graduates of MBA programs have a higher tendency to succeed in start-up businesses, since they are more prepared to take the risk of starting a new company as opposed to others.


While MBA degrees are often used to gain general knowledge of businesses, most MBA programs offer the opportunity to select a specialization of study. Choosing an emphasis for an MBA program can allow an MBA degree to go even further, making prospective employers far more trusting of one’s abilities. The value of a standard MBA degree increases when an interviewer sees that the student has chosen to take additional classes to become an expert on a particular topic, so it is encouraged for MBA students to select a specialization. Some emphases for MBA students include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business

If an MBA degree is something that interests you, the first step is choosing a program in which to participate. Here at Fremont University, we offer a credible MBA program that takes only 12 months to complete! With this online course, you will be equipped to excel in the business world. Spaces in this program fill up quickly, so contact us today to learn more and reserve your spot!
*In no way does Fremont University promise or guarantee employment or level of income/wages.


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