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How to Become a Fashion Designer

How to Become a Fashion Designer - Fashion Design Career Tips
For those who are constantly keeping up with the latest fashion trends and look at fashion magazines on a regular basis, a career in fashion design could be right for you. There are a few steps you can take to give yourself an edge in the competitive fashion design industry that include obtaining a fashion design degree and using various methods to developing your skills. Decide if a Fashion Design career is right for you by reading these tips on how to become a fashion designer.

Earn a fashion design degree
The best way to prepare for a fashion design career is to earn a degree in fashion design or a related field. You will learn a a lot by attending a fashion design school and will be better prepared for a career in the field. In addition to learning valuable skills, you will also be working with professionals in the industry who will serve as important contacts in the future. These experienced professionals can also give you feedback regarding your work and offer advice for improving your skills. Many fashion design degree programs also include courses in marketing, which will be helpful down the line when you are ready to promote you products.
Get an internship
Aspiring fashion designers can learn much-needed skills through internships with design or manufacturing firms. Some designers also gain valuable experience working in retail stores or as personal stylists. Fashion design internship experience can help designers obtain marketing and sales skills while learning which styles and fabrics look good on different people. Designers can also gain exposure to potential employers by entering their designs in student or amateur contests.
Develop your skills
Fashion Designers have a wide range of skills, including the ability to draw, an eye for color and texture, and mechanical skills needed for cutting fabric and sewing. It would also benefit a hopeful fashion designer to learn pattern making. Knowing how to replicate a style in a pattern freeform will be helpful for anyone who wants to pursue a fashion career. Good fashion design schools offer plenty of hands-on training allowing students to hone their skills and discover their own unique fashion design style.
Create a portfolio
Your portfolio is an essential part of your fashion career. The best way to build a great portfolio that catches the attention of prospective clients and employers is to complete each fashion design school project as though you are presenting your work to a potential employer. Projects and assignments are an opportunity to flaunt your creativity and skills. A portfolio should not only demonstrate high-quality sketching, pattern-making, and sewing skills, but should also illustrate your ability to communicate and collaborate. This being said, your portfolio is often the deciding factor when it comes to getting a fashion design job.
Decide which area of design interests you
You will have to start at the bottom and work your way up in the fashion design industry, but you should still have a goal in mind in terms of which area of fashion you want to pursue. Are you most interested in high fashion, women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s clothing, accessories, bridal wear, or costume design? It’s a good idea to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each area before you make a decision. Keep in mind that initially you may have to take a job in an area of fashion that is not your first choice, but the experience will prove helpful down the line in your career.
Educate yourself about the business side of fashion
Being a fashion designer not only requires talent and creativity, it also requires knowledge of the business and marketing aspects of the fashion industry. Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and other happenings in the fashion industry by reading fashion magazines and trade journals. It is crucial to understand the fashion design process and the different roles involved. You should understand the role of buyers, merchandisers, quality controllers, graders, sample machinists, sales people, marketing staff, fashion journalists, retailers, fashion stylists, and so forth.
Decide if the fashion industry is right for you
Assess your skills and personality honestly before pursuing a fashion design career to determine if this field is right for you. A love of fashion isn’t enough to sustain someone in this field. You must also be assertive, willing to work very hard, and be able to handle criticism and rejection. Not everyone will like your creations, so you have to be willing to be able to accept this fact.
Look for Fashion Design jobs
There are various ways to find fashion design jobs, but it largely depends on your chosen area of fashion design. Being versatile will help you get your foot in the door of a competitive industry, allowing you to choose a more specific area of fashion down the line. Look for internships, entry-level paid positions and assistant jobs at at fashion houses and design firms. These types of jobs provide a great starting point in the fashion design world.
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