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How to Get a Marketing Job

How to Get a Marketing Job Competition for marketing jobs is high. Whether you’re just starting out in the field or have several years of experience, there are techniques you can use to make a good impression on hiring managers. If your dream job is in the marketing industry, below are some valuable tips on how to get a marketing job that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Prepare a great cover letter
Preparing a great cover letter is especially important if you are a recent graduate because your résumé may be lacking. Research the company and find some valuable information you can mention in your cover letter. Was the company in the news recently? Have they released a new product? What trends are impacting their industry? You can outshine other applicants by showing genuine interest in the company when you put together your cover letter. Demonstrating even basic knowledge about the company will set you apart from the multitude of people who send the same generic résumé to 20 companies a day.
Have a good writing sample
Marketing jobs are usually writing-intensive, so you must be prepared with a good writing sample if you want a job in marketing. Have a few articles or blog posts ready in case an interviewer asks for writing samples. Write about topics that interest you and don’t be afraid to insert your personal opinion. You may not think of yourself as an expert on the topic, but if you’re a media consumer, you probably have something interesting to say.
Know the field
Most applicants are unprepared when it comes to interviewing for marketing jobs. For this reason, it is easy to stand out and make a lasting impression on a potential employer by showing that you know your stuff. If you’re applying for marketing jobs, make sure you’re familiar with leaders in the field. Read the most prominent blogs and check out books on the subject from the library. Whatever your method, make sure you are well-versed in the latest marketing theories before your interview.
Showcase your achievements
Most hiring managers want to hear what you accomplished at a company rather than who you did it for. Even more so, they want to know how you’ll create those results for them. Rather than reiterate job duties listed on your résumé (which they have already reviewed) or try to impress by talking about how your previous company was one of the best in the industry, focus on your achievements. Focusing on how you improved things for your former employers shows future companies how you can do it for them, too.
Admit what you don’t know
If you’re talking to a hiring manager and you don’t have experience in a given area, admit it. Explain how you would got about learning the necessary skills or demonstrate how your related experience applies. It’s likely you’ve had to pick up some new skills in the past, so show that you’ve done it before and that you have a plan for how to do it again in the future.
Show that you are interested in the company
Look at the website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed of the companies you interview with. Learn everything you can about their products, services, and approach to marketing. Also, check out their online reviews for additional insight. Doing some homework before the interview prepares you to ask insightful questions and shows you are interested and prepared for the job.
Provide value
There could be weeks between your initial interview and a decision. Don’t let the interviewer forget about you. Follow up with an email that focuses on your conversation. Did particular themes emerge? Are there competitive threats or opportunities the interviewer mentioned? Whatever you come up with, stay on their radar by providing value. What can you offer that other candidates cannot? Remind them how much you enjoyed the conversation and that you are interested in joining the team. Prepare for a marketing job by earning a Business Leadership degree at Fremont University.
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