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Can Someone Get an Associate’s Degree in One Year or Less?

Is It Possible to Earn an Associate's Degree in Just a Year?If you choose to attend Fremont University, an Associate’s degree can be obtained from our private college in as little as 15 months, depending on the program you choose. At a traditional college, it might take two years for students to obtain their associate’s degree. Opting for an associate’s degree is one of the fastest ways for any student to earn a college degree, which can then be used for applying to entry-level jobs or furthering education.

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For some students, spending two years of their lives in learning institutions is a very time-consuming endeavor. Time waits for no one, and a number of students might feel that they cannot simply wait to get to work. The right college, however, may have a schedule in which a student can graduate quickly and still be available to work if needed.
While traditional colleges might not be a good fit for a number of students, there is good news…students who are in a rush to earn their associate’s degree may now earn their undergraduate degrees while working by attending a private college who have these options available. This helps in obtaining a degree while preparing for a dream job.  In fact, this is just one of the many advantages of earning an Associates degree from an accelerated accredited college.
If you are planning on having an associate’s degree, but spending two years at a community college is not an option, you can actually earn your degree in just a little over a year, and such can be done in a couple of ways (continue reading).
Why Strive to Earn an Associate’s Degree
Why Strive to Earn an Associate's Degree
For a lot of students, earning an associate’s degree might feel like a way to help secure a brighter future.  Did you know that you can now earn an associate’s degree even without stepping foot outside your home? By sitting in front of a computer that’s hooked up to the internet, it is very much possible for you to end up with an associate’s degree, courtesy of an online school that offers related programs.
There are many different reasons why you should consider earning an associate’s degree:

  • It is pocket-friendly: Attending a vocational or technical school is faster than going to universities. Needless to say, getting your associate’s degrees allows you to learn important skills and become more marketable.
  • It lets you earn a bachelor’s degree easily: After you earn your AA or AS degree you can then move on to a Bachelor’s degree program.
  • It allows you to really learn: Smaller specialized colleges generally have smaller class sizes, which is very favorable for students who want to ensure they receive the knowledge and skills they will, later on, need to be successful individuals. Since you really get the attention you deserve, you might be likelier to get high grades too.
  • It helps you find a job: An applicant with a high school diploma only and an applicant with an associate’s degree – which one of the two would any employer prefer to hire? Your guess is as good as everyone else’s! With an associate’s degree, your chance of getting employed might be much higher.

Go for a One-Year Associate’s Degree Program
One of the ways for you to earn your associate’s degree in just one year is by consulting with an admissions representative or career mentor.  A consultation is usually free for colleges who offer one and it can help you map out your college life.  A few issues can be planned for might include how many classes you will take each term, what days you will be at school (and at what time), and when will you work (if you need to).
Or Simply Do Your Best to Breeze Through College
8 Effective Study Tips for College Students
If you have a lot of time available and don’t mind working day and night, you might try increasing your course load.  While this isn’t usually recommended, it is one of the things that you may do to obtain your associate’s degree more quickly, allowing you to get employed or your bachelor’s degree program sooner.
Certainly, you can expect to devote most of your time in the classroom or studying at the library if you go for this strategy. Choosing to attend school all year round enables you to get an additional semester.
If you are currently in high school and it is possible for you to obtain programs that enable you to earn college credits, it’s a wonderful idea for you to take advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately, this strategy might not be provided at all high schools.
* In no way does Fremont University promise or guarantee employment or level of income/wages.


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