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OCPA Scholarship Opportunity – Two Paralegal Studies Students Will Receive $750 Each

OCPA Scholarship Opportunity
The Orange Country Paralegal Association (OCPA) is donating $1500 in scholarship funds to the Fremont University Paralegal Studies program for distribution to two deserving students ($750 to each recipient).
In order to be considered for this award, students need to submit a resume and maximum two page personal statement (double-spaced) to Arline Melkonian ( or Gerry Mendoza ( by Monday, August 6th 2012. Candidates who fail to submit the required documents by the deadline indicated will be disqualified from consideration.
Your personal statement should address why you feel you are worthy to be a recipient of the OCPA scholarship. Include your educational and professional experience, your future career aspirations, and any other relevant facts to support your candidacy. Students must maintain active status and be in good standing with the college in order to be considered.


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