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Our Graduates

Our Graduates
See what our graduates are saying about Healthcare ManagementBusiness LeadershipParalegalSports TherapyMultimedia Design, and other programs.

Christine Jones
Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2009; Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Leadership, 2012
Director of Risk Management for a well-known fine dining restaurant company
When I came in for my orientation, I fell in love and decided that this was the school I wanted to go to. I ended up signing up and enrolling that same day. It’s very personable. Any issue that I’ve ever had as far as family or work, they’re always there to listen to me. Fremont gave me a lot of self-confidence and reminded me on a daily basis what I’m worth and what I’ve learned here – and that set me apart from my co-workers because of the skills that I’ve learned through my classes.

Victor Barajas
Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, 2012
Paralegal at James Hawkins APLC Class-Action Litigation Firm
The thought of future employment and career prospects was dim with only a high school education. I knew I had to do something that not only was fulfilling in my heart, but also served a long-term niche. The classes that prepared me the most were definitely Technology in the Legal Field – that was a very important one, I use it on a daily basis. The fact that I work in an employment law firm… obviously my Employment Law class assisted me very much. Introduction to Paralegal Ethics was also a very good class.

Miguel Sanchez
Associate of Science degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy, 2012
Recreation Leader at City of La Puente and Sr. Recreation Leader at City of Walnut
I chose Fremont University because they had a sports program – that’s what got my attention. Every other school that I looked into only had the specifics, like massage, and this was the only school that was local to me that focused on sports, and offered a lot of hands-on training. When I came in, they told me that they do a lot of volunteer work, and I’m a hands-on type of person so that got my attention.

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