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Entrepreneurs, Civic, and Community Leaders Join Forces at Fremont University’s Los Angeles Campus Opening

Fremont University Press Release
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – November 8, 2010
Andrew Cherng, founder of Panda Restaurant Group; Bill Simon, co-founder of William E. Simon and Sons; Gil Garcetti, former Los Angeles County District Attorney; Mimi Song, president and CEO of Superior Grocers; and Kathy Schloessman, president of LA Sports & Entertainment Commission joined 50 other southern California business and civic leaders with a common goal at the opening of Fremont University’s Los Angeles campus: Educating the 21st-century workforce with an efficient and technologically advanced education model.
With courses as diverse as fashion design, sports therapy, corporate litigation, and internet and social media marketing, under the leadership of Chancellor Dr. Sabrina Kay, Fremont University opened its new Los Angeles branch campus to teach business, legal studies, design, and wellness programs to local students looking for workplace-relevant skills, and complete their bachelor or associate degrees.
An organization committed to learning as well as teaching, Fremont University draws knowledge from its distinguished advisory board, experienced faculty, as well as up-to-the-minute information from the internet through its Fremont Cloud Learning technology, incorporating Education 3.0.
At its opening, several distinguished guests and Fremont University advisory board members had the following to say about Fremont University:
“Fremont University is using the tools of the 21st century and leveraging current technology and content to bring student centered education to everyone,” said Ambassador Frank Baxter, Fremont University’s chairman and chairman emeritus of Jefferies & Co. “K-12 education is adult centered where students have to adapt to the teacher, but at Fremont, the college adapts to the needs of students.”
Bill Clohan, founder of U.S. Education, agreed: “Fremont University is five to ten years ahead of the education system. It creates learners who have the flexibility and skills necessary to adapt to present day and even future jobs.”
Fashion entrepreneur and Fremont University advisory board member, Erica Zohar of American Groove attested to Fremont University’s workplace relevance, “We are part of a new revolution in education….the curriculum is offered in real time, meaning Fremont University teaches what is happening now in the marketplace.”
Mike Margolis, founding partner of Margolis & Tisman and Fremont University advisory board member, added, “As we look decades down the road, we have to train people that can perform their job in the 21st century. Fremont University is training students for jobs that may not exist yet.”
The College has achieved proven success with its collaborative and interactive Professional Action Learning model. In 2009, 90% of Fremont University graduates found employment in their field of study within six months of graduation.
“Fremont prepares students to achieve their own American Dream the way Sabrina has,” said Andy Barth, President of Capital Guardian Trust Company.
“Every major city in America needs a college like Fremont University,” concluded Matt Toledo, publisher of the Los Angeles Business Journal.


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