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College of Multimedia Design

Overview of the College of Multimedia Design

Perhaps you’re stuck in a dead-end job, or maybe you’re just starting out in the working world and are trying to choose a career. You have artistic talent and enjoy working with computers, but don’t know how to turn your hobby into a successful career. If this describes you, Fremont College of Multimedia Design could be the answer you’re looking for. Our students have been in your situation before; eager to start a new career, but convinced they don’t have time or can’t afford the training necessary to do so. We can help you achieve your dreams the same way we have helped so many other adults realize their potential by offering support and guidance every step of the way.

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Multimedia Designer Career Preparation and Opportunities

The multimedia design industry offers many different career options. From designing high quality websites to creating eye-catching magazine ads, there is something for everyone. Our Multimedia Design College provides students with the opportunity to not only learn, but to transition smoothly into the working world with the skills needed to stand out in today’s competitive Multimedia Design industry. Even in our most theoretical courses, the focus is always on preparing students for a career.

Fremont College of Multimedia Design offers the following degree program:

Associate of Arts Degree in Multimedia Design

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