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Web Developer Job Description

What Do Web Developers Do? Job Duties of a Web Developer
A web developer is responsible for designing, coding and revising/updating websites. Each project can differ in layout and functionality according to a client’s needs.  A web developer’s job is to create a visually appealing, functional website. In doing so, some clients may require that the website coding be developed using SEO best practices. This might require that you work alongside a digital marketer who can advise you on SEO best practices and optimization tactics.

Web developers build a web presence by creating everything from the home page to site layout and function. They are typically capable of writing custom scripts to accommodate a client’s needs. A skilled web developer considers the client’s products or services along with the target audience to create a website that will have specific appeal to that audience. Once a website is up and running, web developers ensure that the site is cross-functional on all web browsers, periodically testing and updating it as needed.

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Web Developer Career Options
Advertising agencies, marketing firms, and in-house corporate communications departments are just a few places where web developers find employment. Many also work independently as freelance web developers. Employment of web developers is expected to grow 22% within the next eight years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is faster than average, so the job outlook is excellent for this field. The Web Developer salary varies based on experience.

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