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Litigation Paralegal Job Description

What Do Litigation Paralegals Do? Job Description of a Litigation Paralegal

Litigation Paralegal job descriptionThe main job of a Litigation Paralegal is to prepare pleadings and discovery packages for court cases. Litigation Paralegals are responsible for obtaining pertinent documents from the client and the opposing counsel. These documents must be read, organized and filed by the Paralegal.

Litigation Paralegal

As part of the discovery process, the Litigation Paralegal then forwards documents provided by the client to the opposing counsel. All documents are then organized and cataloged by the Litigation Paralegal for use by the attorney. Typical daily duties of the Litigation Paralegal include corresponding with clients, meeting with clients to gather information about the case, and drafting pleadings for the attorney. The Litigation Paralegal salary varies based on experience.

Preparing for a Litigation Paralegal Career

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* Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.