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Tips on Getting Your Dream Sports Massage Job

How to Get a Sports Massage Job
You love sports, working with athletes, helping people, and learning how the human body works. Maybe you’ve already realized your dream of becoming a sports massage therapist and are wondering how to snag your dream job in the field. Below are some tips for marketing yourself and starting your dream career as a sports massage therapist.

Get it together
Gather everything you need for a complete portfolio. This should include any and all degrees, certifications, diplomas, transcripts, program information, training hours logged, and styles or techniques you’ve specialized in. Organize it and put in an attractive folder ready for presentation.
Write an awesome resume
You might be surprised how much of a difference just the appearance of your resume can make in the hiring process. Don’t go crazy with fonts or format, but make it different. Stand out. Include your contact information, education history, relevant work experience, sports teams you’ve been associated with, awards, and references. Try to keep it to one page. If there’s not enough room, just have references available upon request at the bottom. Print many copies and have some available wherever you go. Carry one in your pocket or purse when you’re at your favorite team’s game. You never know when opportunity may knock.
Get grouped up
If you’re able, join a professional association, such as the American Massage Therapy Association. Take advantage of every networking opportunity you possibly can. Especially in this economy, a foot in the door is crucial and members tend to help each other out.
Read up
Do your research. If you know what you want to do and where you want to do it, learn everything you can. Knowledge is power. Look at profiles of people that work there and see if you have anything in common with them. Maybe you graduated from the same high school or you both love Snickers. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage. Mention it when you contact him or her and they may be more likely to meet with you and give you an interview. Once you do snag the interview, your research on the company will be sure to impress.
Dress the part
Make sure you’re dressed professionally for each interview, or even if you’re just dropping off a resume. Smile, shoulders back, chin up, and be confident! Also, be prepared to give a demonstration of your massage skills. It’s unlikely you’ll be asked to perform one until after a formal interview or on a second visit, but it’s best to be prepared.
If you want the experience and knowledge it takes to reach your goals and land a dream job in this field, check out Fremont University’s Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy program and be on your way!


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