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Top Cities Where Paralegals Work

List of Top Cities Where Paralegals Work

The demand for paralegals within the U.S. will likely never go away. However, there are certain cities that are more attractive to paralegals as they offer more employment opportunities and options to those who have graduated from a paralegal school. They each have their own unique reasons why and may be appealing to different individuals. Let’s look at some of the top cities for paralegals to launch their careers.

New York, New York

new york paralegal careers after school
As one of the largest cities on the globe it is no shock that New York has an extraordinary demand for paralegals. The massive amounts of corporations and companies that make daily business transactions on wall street are all in constant need of legal advice and representation. However, the high demand for paralegals also means high levels of competition. To even be considered you must have the proper credentials from an accredited institution.

Richmond, Virginia

Its close proximity to the nation’s capital makes Richmond a thriving place for government and corporate employment. Which in turn also makes it an ideal place for paralegals. Paralegals from around the nation have had plenty of success finding jobs in this booming area.

San Francisco, California

san francisco california paralegal jobs after college
Tech companies in the Silicon Valley are always in need of legal representation. As a beautiful place to both live and work, San Francisco is an extremely attractive place for paralegals. In fact, one in every thousand residents is a paralegal. Not only does it provide an excellent place to be employed, it also has the nation’s highest pay for paralegals.

Los Angeles, California

los angeles california legal jobs after university
As another of the Nation’s Largest Cities, Los Angeles offers lots of opportunities for paralegal work as well. Large TV and movie companies, celebrities, and management companies all need legal representatives. The cost of living in Los Angeles may be a bit high but it is offset by the earning potential as a paralegal.

Boston, Massachusetts

legal assistants jobs after college in boston massachusetts
Boston is one of the areas with the highest demand for paralegals. One in every 900 people working in the area works as a paralegal. It is home to some of the nation’s tops  schools for legal studies which makes it an ideal location for those looking to continue their education. The surroundings are also  historically rich, making Boston ideal for those with an appreciation for culture and our nation’s past.

Chicago, Illinois

paralegal program careers in chicago illinois once graduating school
Chicago’s large financial and technology sector, requires a high amount of legal representation. Law firms are currently expanding statewide and the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 7% rate of growth for paralegals from 20124 to 2024. For those looking to join a paralegal college, Fremont University offers an amazing legal program for those who wish to receive more education after employment.

Washington D.C.

paralegals in Washington DC
Given the amount of lawmaking and lobbying that happens on Capitol Hill it is only natural for Washington D.C to be one of the top places for paralegals to work. In fact, one of the nation’s largest employer of paralegals is the U.S. department of Justice in Washington D.C.  Another is the Social Services Administration, which also happens to be located here.

Flint, Michigan

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Flint, Michigan is also among some of the top locations for legal jobs due to its close proximity to Detroit and Lansing. Detroit may not be a very appealing place to live but it does provide a lot of opportunities for paralegals and Flit provides good alternative for those looking to take advantage of the legal work that Detroit offers. The upside of seeking employment here is the competitive salary.

Durham, North Carolina

Home to some of the most prestigious Universities it is an excellent place for creating connections within the law community and for further career growth. Durham is a great place for paralegal professionals to start or continue their career as a paralegal or legal assistant.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado Urban Denver City Cityscape Skyline
Denver is among the fastest growing cities in the nation for law careers, especially due to recent legislation that made marijuana legal at the state level. This new legislation has created new legal issues that have lead to an increased demand for law firms and lawyers.
This list is by no means a comprehensive list of where to work as a paralegal, but merely provides a glimpse into the possibilities that exist within the field. There are many cities through the U.S. that need paralegals and some of these may be appealing for you to begin your career.
Jobs are available throughout various more locations, after all if it weren’t for the extensive work that paralegals do it would be excessively difficult for lawyers to maintain a high level of organization and efficiency.
*In no way does Fremont University promise or guarantee employment or level of income/wages. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law


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