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Creating Innovative Designs and Products

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Innovation is all about staying ahead of the game, and in these fast changing times, it becomes increasingly important for a business team to have a plan to take on the competitive market. Business giants, like Ebay, have teamed up with consulting businesses that rely on their designers to formulate workshops that focus on creating innovative designs and products. But this process of innovation does not happen overnight. Here are six steps to stay innovative throughout the process of design.

1. Identify the RIGHT Problem
The earliest stages of innovation focus on tending to a problem that requires a solution or a product that needs improvement. Brainstorm and create a list of problems that your new design or product can solve. Once you’ve decided which problem is in greater need of a solution, decide which solution would be of the greatest benefit.
2. It’s All in the Numbers
The team is now ready to tackle the beginning stages of design, but how big should your team be? It’s important to have an appropriate number of members working on a single project. A large number can create chaos when generating ideas and a small number typically results in a single member taking the lead, leaving out ideas and preventing voices from being heard.
3. Set a Time Frame
Timing is key. What you consider innovative now, might be considered “yesterday’s news” tomorrow. Setting a short time frame may result in your team being cornered into an improbable success. On the other hand, a long time frame may leave you in the dust, allowing another design team to create an innovative product that can revolutionize the scene.
4. Doodle some Designs
Designing prototypes can facilitate future final production by enabling you to make modifications to mockups. Seeing a mockup of the design can provoke and elevate conversations that generate ideas that create an even greater, more innovative product.
5. Understand the Audience
Understanding the audience goes hand-in-hand with solving a problem. It’s strategically important to keep in mind who the final product is intended for. Understanding who will benefit the most from your work will increase your chances of people buying into the product.
6. Involve Future Consumers Early 
Having possible consumers preview your design can serve as tool to help you refine your work. Introduce a prototype of your design to your audience as early on as possible. In doing so, you are able to decipher whether your audience will understand the purpose of your product. You might receive feedback that adds to the concept, elevating your final product and successfully creating an innovative and well-received design.
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