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Fremont University Career Fair

May 25, 2017

Unlock Your Future! Fremont University Career Fair for students enrolled in paralegal, business (business administration, business leadership, business management), marketing (digital marketing, web and mobile marketing), healthcare (health administation, health information technology, healthcare management, canabis courses),  and wellness (sports and rehabilitation therapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy aide programs).

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Be sure to come prepared.  See our checklist below.

  • Bring multiple copies of your resume
  • dress to impress
  • onsite interviews
  • job coaching
  • networking
  • internships
  • job offers

If you have any questions before the job-fair please check with the front desk. All students who plan to attend are welcomed to meet with a career adviser prior to the event to review resumes, networking tips, and etiquette.


Have a Question? 1 (800) 373-6668

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