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GPA Effects on College Admissions – What Requirements Do Students Need To Know?

Have you ever wondered how a college might look at grades from different high schools during the college admissions process?  Are there typical GPA requirements for college admissions? How does an institution translate a 4.3 to a letter grade?  Not to complicate the matter further, but how does a school look at grades that are weighted vs un-weighted?  These are some of the many questions you might have asked yourself before, during or after applying for college.

Translating College Admissions GPA Requirements

Translating College Admissions GPA Requirements
If it is your first time applying for college, one of the most confusing topics you and other students might be struggling with is the college admissions process.  Specifically, the GPA translation.  The reason why this may be confusing is that GPA isn’t necessarily calculated the same from one high school to the next.  And even when they are the same or similar, weighted systems such as extra points to grades earned in accelerated classes, honors courses, Advanced Placement classes, or international Baccalaureate might cause some confusion when comparing cumulative GPA calculations from different schools.
While there are a number of independent, private or boarding schools that might still be using a grading system based on a 6, 10, or 11 point scale, the most popular systems are as follows.

  • Letter grades
  • 0 scale
  • Percentage System

Can You Get Into College Without A Good GPA?

Can You Get Into College Without A Good GPA
There are a number of specialized career colleges that might not require a high GPA to enroll in a college program.  This might be especially true if you are enrolling in a diploma or certificate program such as a massage therapy diploma, web & mobile marketing certificate, or a health administration certificate for example.  Once you have gained a diploma or certificate at an accredited institution, such as Fremont University, it may be easy to continue your education by enrolling into an associate degree program.

Does Fremont University have a GPA Minimum?

Does Fremont University have a GPA Minimum
Currently, Fremont University does not require a minimum GPA to enroll in a program, whether that be a diploma, certificate or degree program.  Candidates will need to be high school graduates or equivalent, among other requirements.  Be sure to visit our Admissions page for additional details, or simply fill out the form on this page for quick answers.

GPA Admission Requirements

When applying to college there is no set GPA that will get you accepted into every school you apply to, as they might each have their own unique set of requirements.  Some colleges might set a baseline of 3.0 for freshman and transfer students to be able to enroll in classes. Other schools might accept lower GPAs.  As you may have guessed, GPA is dependent on factors such as your high school setting, your instructors’ teaching style, the classes you have taken, and grading policies.
If you are going to be applying for admission to any of the following schools, we have published a few of their requirements from the information we have noted from past years.

College Name Avg. GPA for Admitted Applicants Percent of Applications Accepted
New York University 3.70 35%
University of Pennsylvania 3.93 10%
University of Southern California 3.73 18%
CSU Fullerton 3.53 44%
CSU Long Beach 3.54 34%


The 4.0 Scale Explained

As a student, you have likely been exposed to the 4.0 scale, simply by the fact that it is a popular method for both high schools and colleges.  It has become a standard for a number of institutions who have relied on it to evaluate student performance.  In this system, a teacher or professor might award a letter grade, which can then be translated into a scaled score.   The number is then multiplied by the number of credits the course is worth.

Translating Your Scale from One Method to Another

If you are looking for a method to compare your GPA with another scale, try using the below as a guideline.
A+ = 4.0 (97-100)
A = 4.0 (94-96)
A– = 3.7 (90-93)
B+ = 3.3 (87-89)
B = 3.0 (84-86)
B– = 2.7 (80-83)
C+ = 2.3 (77-79)
C = 2.0 (74-76)
C– = 1.7 (70-73)
D+ = 1.3 (67-69)
D = 1.0 (64-66)
D– = 0.7 (60-63)
F = 0.0 (0-59)

Applying For Admission to College

Applying For Admission to College
We know that there’s a lot to consider before you make a decision to enroll in College.  That is why we offer a free coaching session with one of our admissions coaches.  During your session, you can ask questions about programs offered, find out your career options, and map out your career path based on your life goals. And don’t worry about the time of year that you apply.  Unlike many traditional colleges, Fremont University is one of only a number of colleges with rolling admissions, meaning we enroll new students every 5 weeks.

To get started, simply fill out the form on this page for a no obligation free consultation.

*In no way does Fremont University promise or guarantee employment or level of income/wages.


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