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Somatic Tissues and Biomechanics Course SR121

This course covers the structures and functions of the skeletal and muscular systems. Students completing this course will be able to identify and explain the structures, functions, and pathologies of the skeletal and muscular systems. Students will also be able to identify and explain the joint structure, kinesiology, and pathologies. Students will be introduced to biomechanics as it relates to joint function and range of motion.


Fremont University provides students with the practical skills needed to begin an entry-level career as a massage therapist.  Our experienced instructors are able to offer students their knowledge, expertise, and instruction while teaching modalities.

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Want To Learn About Additional Core Classes?

If you would like to learn about some of the other possible career classes that might be available to you as a Fremont University massage therapy student, please click on any of the below. Additional resources can be requested by contacting an admissions representative at  1 (800) 373-6668.

  1. Massage Therapy Techniques
  2. Anatomy and Physiology – Systems of the Body
  3. Swedish Massage Techniques
  4. Somatic Tissues and Biomechanics
  5. Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy
  6. Business, Ethics and MBLEx Prep
  7. Sports and Specialized Massage
  8. Eastern Theory and Practice

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