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Fremont College’s Free Career Test: “What Color is Your Future?”

Take our free career test to discover which career is right for you.
Find the career that best fits your personality by answering a few simple questions regarding your interests and likes.
Enhance your strengths and find a career that will best utilize your unique talents!

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    Our innovative career test, What Color is Your Future, is one of many things that make Fremont College unique. The What Color is Your Future career test is designed to determine how a person learns. Some people are visual learners, processing information by seeing it in pictures, charts, and videos. Others are kinesthetic learners who learn by doing and practice until they master an activity. Some are auditory learners who prefer to hear information through oral presentation, lectures and speeches.

    Everyone’s brain is unique. Your thinking style colors every day at the office as well as moments when you’re relaxing or engaging in your favorite activities. You may be logical and analytical; organized and detailed; creative and spontaneous; or emotional and extroverted. Whatever your personal learning style or brain competency, Fremont College will help you enhance your strengths and find a career that will best utilize your unique talents.

    Come visit and take our unique career test today and discover the color of your future so that you can find the career that best fits your personality and interests.

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