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Active Release Technique Massage

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What is ART?
What Types of Injuries Does ART Treat?
How Does ART Massage Work?
Will ART Massage Work for Me?

Active Release Technique massage, or ART, is a safe and easy way to end the pain of sports injuries.  Even pain from old injuries can often be alleviated with Active Release massage.  Is ART right for you?  Can you use this method to release your pain and get back into competition form quickly?  Here are some facts about ART and how it may be the best thing to relieve pain from any sports injury.

What is ART?

Active Release Technique massageActive Release Technique massage is a form of therapy that allows athletes to quickly end pain from injuries and recapture their competitive performance levels.  With a success rate of over 90 percent, ART is growing in popularity with athletes in all types of sports.
Classified as a soft tissue treatment, ART is gaining momentum among sports medicine experts because it works without drugs and allows athletes to heal quickly and safely.  This patented, state-of-the-art massage technique works with the body’s own systems and movements to offer relief from pain.
ART massage combines the best of massage therapy with a targeted approach that speeds healing and allows athletes to get back in the game more quickly and with less risk of complication than many other techniques.

What Types of Injuries Does ART Treat?

ART massage can be used to treat all types of muscular injuries, including strains, sprains and even tears.  Muscles work with the process to release the pain of an injury and allow athletes to relax and heal rapidly.  By working with the muscles instead of against them, ART massage is better for athletes than many other treatments and offers faster healing times and better outcomes.
ART massage can also be used to treat tendon, ligament and nerve injuries.  These are often the hardest types of injuries to treat because of they do not always show up in testing.  Pain may be the only signal that an athlete has a nagging tendon or nerve injury.  With ART massage, therapeutic measures can begin immediately and offer relief, rather than allowing the athlete to suffer for days or weeks while trying to identify the problem.
Many athletes and others suffer from secondary issues related to stress or sports injuries.  These symptoms may include neck, back, shoulder or headache pain, “tennis elbow,” “shin splints” and other unidentified aches. ART massage can successfully help heal these pains and the underlying injuries that cause them.
In addition, ART massage can help with syndromes and conditions like carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis and a host of other hard-to-treat issues.

How Does ART Massage Work?

Most sports injuries are, in their simplest form, due to micro-traumas.  This means that pulls or tears of the muscles at the micro level are often responsible for ongoing pain.  When the muscles are torn or damaged, it is difficult for blood flow to reach the injured areas and heal the tissue with healthy oxygen.  In fact, lack of blood flow and oxygen to muscles is the primary cause of lack of healing and ongoing pain.
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In the absence of oxygenated blood flowing to injuries, scar tissue is likely to develop.  This is the body’s defense against injured tissue, but it can result in shorter, weaker muscles and permanent loss of motion and performance.  In some cases, athletes who suffer injuries that are improperly treated lose their ability to compete in their favorite sport.
Fortunately, ART massage can help solve these problems quickly and provide healthy healing.
ART massage is a technique that is refined to each individual need.  The area of trauma is identified, isolated and targeted with massage that opens up blood flow and promotes rapid healing.  Massage techniques are tailored to the individual’s needs, allowing patients to receive immediate relief from pain and long-term healing that allows them to quickly get back to their favorite sports and activities.

Will ART Massage Work for Me?

ART massage therapy works for a wide range of injuries and problems and has helped many athletes recover from serious trauma.  In order to find out if ART massage is right for you, schedule an appointment to have a thorough evaluation of your injury.  ART massage may be the answer you are looking for to relieve pain from trauma and injury!
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