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Are There Online MBA Programs with No GMAT?

Online MBA Programs with No GMATYou always thought school is cool. There is the ability to research topics you never would have considered. Of course, there is also the opportunity to connect with people of diverse cultures. There are a lot of pluses, no doubt. However, there is one thing that holds you back from going back to business school and earning your MBA, and that is your fear and loathing of tests.

You’d do anything feasible to get out of taking a test whether it is writing a paper or an oral presentation, yet a majority of the MBA programs require taking the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). You’re not going to go there.
Luckily there is an excellent option for advancing your education without the need for the GMAT. Fremont University offers a non GMAT required MBA program. This is definitely a game changer.

The Benefits of a Non GMAT Required Program

The benefits of a non GMAT required program
Many icons of American industry recognize the need is for leaders, not managers. In the past, the analysis of the financials was emphasized.  Consequently, individuals who could successfully compute would be admitted to an MBA program. Those who were more on the “creative” side and did not fare as well on tests were often left out. Fremont University recognizes the needs of business have changed and individuals rely much more on people than the numbers. After all, it is the people make the numbers happen not an analysis.
In summary, a good GMAT score does not necessarily equate to a good leader it merely indicates the individual is a good test taker.

The Five Skills Business Now Seek

The five skills business now seek
Hire for attitude. Train for skill. The American Society for Training and Development has identified the five components that create a successful leader. The Fremont non GMAT MBA program centers on the traits required to lead.

The First is Team Work / Collaboration

team work
A major take away of the program is to understand that there is a definite interdependence between responsibilities. Fremont understands no activity can be completed without input from a number of departments. Through group projects, students learn working together to achieve a goal is essential.
Fremont will give the student the tools needed to establish and communicate common goals. It is through the united front the business will succeed.

The Second is Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

Critical Thinking Problem Solving
Once the team is established the goal is to determine the greatest issue. Often stated as what keeps you up at night, Fremont students learn to identify the problem and work a plan of attack. Again, this can only be achieved through collaboration. Through this groupthink, the problem-solving mode is entered. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. However, others participating will.

The Third is Professionalism / Work Ethic

Professionalism Work Ethic
Being professional at every level is essential for the business to thrive. Leaders who value the individuals that truly make it happen demonstrate it by working side by side with the team. Fremont MBA students will understand that teamwork and critical thinking occur when leaders are with them during the Saturday crunch.

The Fourth is Oral Communication

Oral Communication
Public speaking is today’s fifth-ranked fear. The ability to communicate both tactical and strategic plans is critical for a leader’s success.  The Fremont MBA program diligently enhances the individual’s knowledge on the proper approach to speaking to a small team or a large group.

The Fifth is Written Communication

Written Communication
On many occasions, communication must be written. Learning to properly express your views is essential for an MBA graduate. Fremont exposes the student to a wide array of scenarios requiring written documentation. The ability to properly communicate via email or other media is essential and is certainly not overlooked in the Fremont MBA program.

Why a Fremont MBA Degree

Why a Fremont MBA
There are many benefits of a non-GMAT MBA from Fremont University. Instead of focusing on an admission policy based on test-taking ability, Fremont has focused on the true character traits of a business leader.
A majority of the emphasis is placed on teaching the student the proper methods of communication whether it be written or orally in a culturally sensitive manner.  Fremont students gain experience in collaboration. Through this teamwork, they identify and resolve the issue in a professional manner.
Unlike many schools requiring a GMAT, Fremont is looking for a student who realizes that the greatest strength any organization has its people. Proper people management leads to proper business management.
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