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The new MBA-the Fremont way

Technology makes the gathering of business information relatively easy. The question becomes now what? Knowing the appropriate audience along with the proper understanding of the data requires communication skills unheard of years ago.

Through the Fremont MBA program, the students experience real business scenarios which develop the soft leadership and communication skills organizations are looking for.

The 20 century MBA

The 20 century MBA
The MBA of the 20 century dealt almost exclusively with the managers of finance. MBA’s were essentially regulated to the money arena. Titles like Financial Analyst, Chief Financial Officer and the like were generally the only holder of the advanced degree. At the time it was a good fit.
There was a rationale for businesses, during the last century, to place individuals with advanced degrees in such positions. The reason was simple, the stock market approved of placing highly educated people in authority.  Today, an advanced degree is almost a requirement to achieve any ‘c’ level position.
The 20 century MBA was all about the financials. There was very little discussion on the soft skills today’s leadership see as an essential attribute of the inner circle.

The 21-century MBA-big difference

The 21 century MBA-big difference
The world has changed dramatically during the millennium. A majority of the workforce is no longer employed on an assembly line but instead is responsible for technology. A great example is machinists today are essentially computer programmers. Keeping current on the latest requires a constant desire to continue the education process.
The current state of business does not revolve around a simple manufacturing process.  It is a complex system where communication between departments is essential.

The focus of today’s MBA is communication

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Today, MBA grads can be found in almost every function. An Operations guy, 20 years ago may not have been considered educated enough to understand the numbers at a high level. Today it is a requirement not only to know the numbers but how the numbers are calculated.
Gathering information requires the ability to lead through communication. As the Dale Carnegie Southern California franchise, Fremont University concentrates on the leadership and communication skills needed to direct the team – leaders win friends and influence people as Dale Carnegie taught us.

What it takes for an individual to succeed

What it takes for an individual to succeed
It has been said the closer you are to the customer, the higher the paycheck. The ability to act professionally and communicate well is essential for customer contact. Through the Fremont MBA, the emphasis is on collaboration and leadership. The techniques gained should prepare the graduate for an active role in client generation and retention.

What it takes for a business to succeed

What it takes for a business to succeed
Without continuous development and increasing sales, no business will be successful. The ability to communicate with all walks of any organization opens many doors. Through the Fremont MBA program, students learn the importance of cultural diversity and gain the confidence to make awesome sales presentations. Students look forward to the chance to refine their skills in a safe, classroom setting which Fremont offers.

You’re ready-The Fremont MBA

Youre ready-The Fremont MBA
You’ve decided to take the plunge and upgrade the resume with an MBA from Fremont University. Sure, there are many options but Fremont University is well suited for an individual with a family and career.
If there is one thing American business leaders agree on it is that people can easily be taught technical skills. Learning a new process or procedure is easy. What is needed for future leaders is the ability to communicate at all levels with all groups. While empathy cannot be learned, students through the Fremont program will be exposed to different techniques to build a cohesive team.

Commit 12 months, earn your MBA, and be the leader you deserve to be

Commit 12 months, earn your MBA, and be the leader you deserve to be
No one said it would be easy. Actually quite the contrary, it is challenging but also a great achievement when you receive your diploma.
The program is as much business related as it is a personal journey. Courses such as Cultural Diversity will expose the student to ideas he never considered which is why the Fremont MBA program exists.

The many benefits of a Fremont MBA

The many benefits of a Fremont MBA
Perhaps the largest benefit one earns with the MBA is the insight gained into what makes the organization run. It is not the circles, arrows, and diagrams presented in management reviews. Instead, it is stimulating, motivating, and praising the team. After all, without their effort, there would be no charts to present.
With the network, focus on leadership skills, and cultural diversity Fremont University offers, you have the ability to create your future. Yes, it will require time away from the family but the rewards both financial and personal are well worth it.
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